Silent Hill: The funeral March?

Three new Silent Hill games launch in March, and they aim to revitalise a once-renowned franchise. But what will happen if they don't? Robbie Palmer investigates...

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ritsuka6664476d ago

Silent hill downpour will disappoint..

I really don't expect much from this game. SHM...

VirtualSamadhi4476d ago

The sad thing is Marketers will blame it on "lacking action-based gameplay," when really it's the lack of subtlely, storytelling, and symbolism that has gimped Silent Hill since the original team left.


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-Foxtrot23h ago

This is make or break for the Silent Hill 2 remake, if it looks lacklustre then I think it's the final nail in the coffin for a lot of people. Nothing has been wow worthy since it's reveal.

Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 4 Remake, the Dead Space Remake etc, it has a lot to live up to with the quality remake titles we've gotten recently over the years.

SmortBoie9h ago

While an expectation of the highest quality for such a revered title as SH2 is entirely valid, I feel that the comparison to the likes of RE2R/RE4R is a little steep. Capcom, Konami ain't (these days) and likewise, the SH franchise ain't nothing to the likes now in comparison to the juggernaut which is the RE franchise. A tempered level of expectation would do your appreciation that we're getting something at all a significant justice.
While from the shadows I often agree with your critisisms and opinions, I think you're being to harsh on this particular mid-level team and their passion project here. Sure, it would have been nice to get something of the vein Capcom can deliver, but the profit the SH franchise can conjure in 2024 is likely a far cry from the sure-thing RE is and the budget, no doubt, reflects the uncertainty. In the end, what we'll have here is a serviceable mid-level slow-burn, clunky exploration-based survival horror title that aptly revisits the setting, atmosphere and experience of the core Silent Hill essence in the modern gaming era. For some of us it's enough to be given a chance to be inside that world again, with the town rendered in better graphics than we've ever seen before by a team who obviously cares deeply for the lore of this franchise and is doing their best.
Was it a stupid idea to focus our first-look on a combat trailer? Definitely. It's the aspect I personally care least about. Will it be difficult to accept the modern direction of the characters, voice work and doubtless changes to to the story? Undeniably. But will I be delighted to experience this reimaginging of a game that shaped the very foundation of who I am as a gamer 23 years ago? Without. Question.

I think we need to ease off on expecting everything to be Naughty Dog level masterclass in gaming and just try more to appreciate what is. While we should expect quality from our hard earned dollars, and no doubt have the right to withhold them in defiance of shitty games, greedy corporate practices and buggy messes - we should also give credit where credit is due when the industry at least tries to compromise with us and deliver on what people want.

... would I have likely been significantly happier with a full-scale true modern remastering of SH2 instead of a reimaginging by an unproven studio. Lol hell yes brother. Alas.

AMiles999h ago

The franchise as a whole has been a very poor seller. Only 9 million copies sold between 1999 to 2019...it was on the Japanese Konami site but has been delisted for a few years.

The Metal Gear franchise fares much better...closer to 60 million copies sold.

Given Silent Hills previous poor sales and it's only releasing on 1 platform....along with the fact that almost all horror games outside of Resident Evil tend to be huge flops....it ain't looking good in terms of commercial success.

SmortBoie8h ago

No it ain't AMiles. Keeping the budget low doesn't please the folks that want RE2R quality but it does help keep the risk down on an unproven franchise and release. Maybe if the sales are great we'll see a bigger investment on the next title - it's just a SHAME Konami came out swinging with this title, on this budget, 12 years after the last franchise release instead of saving it for a series sales high point they worked up to - ala Capcom and RE. But we can lament what could have been til the cows come - I'm at least here for the what is, and still pretty excited for it.

Mad_Matt7h ago

As a Silent Hill fan Im getting this game regardless. I honestly only expect a major graphics upgrade with minor gameplay tweaks. For me, thats enough, but I also enjoy mid tier gaming more then AAA.

purple1014h ago

ahhh sheeeee*t, I seem to have lost editing privilege on it too, so hope mods can change it for us!!


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