Is GT5: Prologue The Best Looking Racer Ever?

With controversy stemming from the actual resolution of the game, it's quite an irony even with then that there can be no doubt about one thing; how gorgeous it looks. Quality seems to just stream off the metallic skins of these vehicles. Here are some images, seemingly taken with a digital camera, of Prologue.

Only question is; is the best looking racer we've seen?

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Blademask4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

PS3 Owners: "YES"
Gamepro: "Yes"
Gamespy: "Yes"
Gamespot: "Yes"

360 Owners: "No"
1up: "No" "No"

Meus Renaissance4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

"But, but, it's not 1080p. Sure the graphics look great, but did we remind you that its not 1080p?"

Blademask4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

I do, but its for movies as well as gaming. In the game world, 720p and anything over 1024xwhat not PC monitor resolution looks great. Halo looked and played just fine. even at "640p" Because its a fun GAME.

Polyphony has delivered an amazing lookin demo. I cant see someone saying 'well, I would have bought this one. But its not truely 1080p, there are 100 pixels missing'

I could imagine someone saying it, but not actually.. deciding a purchase.

You and I both know its just a reason for people that dont own the system, to complain about a game they will never play in the first place.

Sony and Microsoft both ran off at the mouth about 1080p. But only a hand full of games are really 1080p. Halo isn't one of them, nor Mass Effect. Nor Ratchet and clank, or Uncharted.

But does that stop reviewers praising the Technological and Graphical achievement of the PS3 titles? Nope.


The_Engineer4730d ago

because 1280 x 1080 is still 1080p, what it is not is FULL HD which is 1920 x 1080. Then again if xbots had any knowledge when it comes to technology they wouldn't be xbots and wouldn't own a 360.

LinuxGuru4730d ago

I love you Engineer....

Can I give you a hug?


Thanks for being smart!

TwissT4730d ago

Blademask to be fair I don't think that you should put 360 owners because I have a friend that has a 360 yet he thinks GT5 looks totally awesome, soo to be fair I think you should change 360 owners to 360 fanboys.

sonarus4730d ago

GT5 is the best lookin racer. It isnt full 1080p but its more than what forza and PGR4 are doing. At the end of the day its still show and prove. Show me a driving game that looks better than GT5 then we can debate. Xbots can whine about no damage and bla bla and i agree damage is needed i'll still buy without but i think the online will suffer without damage cus of exploiters. Soon as GT5 has the kinda damage deserving of a driving game then we can talk. I remember someone dissed GT5 grass for looking to flat lol when forza grass looks like its taped to the floor.

InMyOpinion4730d ago

I'm a 360 owner and I agree it's the best looking racing game.

craymoogy4730d ago

dude, do you even have the chance to tell the differences? seriously, who here has the money to get a 60" Plasma full 1080?

I'm sure someone could, but most people would not able to afford it.

The game looks great to me. better than forza, though forza is 1080p, which looks ok to me.

cmrbe4730d ago

Mostly just the x360 fanboys would say otherwise but not the normal gamers that favour the x360(x360 fans).

WilliamRLBaker4730d ago

Microsoft mouthed off about 1080p? last I checked they said once 1080p is not needed the sweetspot was 720p and 1080i..and then said the 360 now supports 1080p....otherwise said nothing else....

Sony on the other hand mentioned it many times before ps3 launch, and there after and Its execs made out it was the 2nd comming of christ, and Ken said every game would be 1080p at 120fps.

I agree with every thing you said but dont lump sony and microsoft together when it comes to 1080p mouthing off.

Bathyj4729d ago

"Ken said every game would be 1080p at 120fps. "

Bald faced lie.

shrimpboat4729d ago

This game is so pretty the cars are so realistic. It's sad that the only thing people can find to pick on this game about is the resolution. Who cares!!! I bet my whole pay check that there isn't another driving sim out there that looks better.

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resistance1004730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Yes - By a Long way, playing the london track using the driver seat view is amazing, i can't see one Jaggy whats so ever.

The only negitive with the visuals is one or two of the tracks aren't up to the level of the cars but still look unbelievable.

and yes i do own forza2


Edit - Anyone else with this game add me PSN: resistance100 ready for the xmas online update.

I also have a spare copy of the game if anyone is interested, PM me[UK buyers only]

Blademask4730d ago

Look at some pictures of the actual circuits. Someone even did a comparisons for them. They aren't that flattering in the first place, however the good detailed tracks, like london, is the best looking london track known to man right now.

resistance1004730d ago

The london track is so realistic, in fact i was at the costa coffee you can see on the track 2 weeks ago

Meus Renaissance4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Personally I'm not interested in what is 1080p or not, because I'm too poor to afford a 1080p TV, but it's quite interesting how most of the best looking games so far this generation were not in 1080p and sometimes not even in 720p. I think one reference was Lair that did that resolution? Even KillZone 2 will be 720p only, with 30fps and the visuals on that, especially the character models, is beyond anything most have seen.

If you love playing video games, you cannot fail to admire these visuals.

Kaneda4730d ago

There is a difference between 720 and 1080.. Just right now there are no games that you can compare to. If Uncharted 2 ever get 1080, you will see the differences.

I think I saw Aquo 32" 1080p tv for about 1K dollar... Next year it will be even lower....

n00dl3s4730d ago

1080p doesn't matter for a 32 inch. Sony's XBR4/5 series, their nicest series out, has 720p for their 32 inch. Sharp is the only one that even MAKES a 1080p 32 inch.

46" and above there is a noticeable difference. You don't REALLY start to see it until you hit 50" TV's

ThaGeNeCySt4730d ago

I think GT5 Prologue is hands down the best racing game I've ever seen

LinuxGuru4730d ago


a 360 owner that can see reality!!!

Kudos, man!

Power of Blu4730d ago

Thankfully not every 360 owner is a Power of Green, Firstknight, Zhuk or TheMART.

ThaGeNeCySt often makes decent posts although for some reason recently his bubble count went down. + Bubbles mate.

shrimpboat4729d ago

It's good to see someone from th Microsoft camp giving props where it is do. Forza 2 is awesome for all the customization you can do and fun factor, and GT 5 Prologue nailed the realism.