CVG Feature - The Nintendo Game Highlights of 2007

CVG writes, "This year has been a strange mix of extremely good, and frustratingly bad, for us Nintendo gamers."

"On the one hand, it's been a year of trial and (mostly error) as developers fumbled to get to grips with Wii's control style and rushed to take advantage of its phenomenal popularity."

"That, for hardcore gamers at least, has meant enduring one 'mainstream' or poorly executed game after another as well as shoddy PS2 ports and a long wait for the good stuff to start showing up."

"But here was good stuff, despite the downs. This year has stood out for us as one of the most important years for Nintendo. We've had two of the best games in Nintendo's history - Mario Galaxy and Phantom Hourglass - and the collaboration of Mario and Sonic topped by the fact that Nintendo is back to being number one, after a decade of trailing PlayStation brand."

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ChickeyCantor4731d ago

its actually funny that a Wii-hater posts a comment in a Wii-topic....and he is the only one XD

Basch4731d ago

sidar – do you think so? Personally I'm expecting trolls by the dozen.