Pachter: PS4 and Xbox next will ship with 4GB models, Wii U won’t ship with any HDD

I think it would make sense for both companies to release a cheap version of their consoles for the casual market while selling hardcore gamers more expensive models with larger HDD, specially with the digital game market is growing rapidly and will play a very important part during next generation life-cycle.

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Shok3524d ago

Wii U not including an HDD was already confirmed by Nintendo.

hardcore19123524d ago

Nintendo is going to re-unveil the system at this year's E3, so nothing is set on stone right now.

Majin-vegeta3523d ago

Didn't Nintendo say we could use external HDD??

Shok3523d ago

Yea. They said it'll come with 8 Gigs of flash memory but the Wii U will support external hard drives.

Shackdaddy8363523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Ya, but that's good because then you can go out and buy a 1Tb hard drive or a cheap 250Gb hard drive instead of using their stuff...

The stupid X360 hard drives were annoying. I hope no next gen console does that again.

DeadlyFire3523d ago

If any are likely to do it. Then it will be Microsoft.

Sony and Nintendo are very open to supporting hard drives and open platform space in their OS design.

Microsoft only has Microsoft's way.

hellvaguy3523d ago

Sony Vita's proprietary memory sticks say hi.

StanSmith3523d ago

So, Next Gen will have a huge focus on digital downloads but MS & Sony will sell very small harddrive skus........

Either the Console Manufacturers are retarded or Pachter is full of shit yet again. I know which one i'd go with.

How the hell does this guy make money? Nothing he says is correct. He clearly loves the sound of his own voice.

As for the WiiU not including a Harddrive....No Shit Sherlock! Thanks for predicting what Nintendo already confirmed.

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hudsoniscool3524d ago

i think 20gb for arcade 320 or 500 for premium.

LX-General-Kaos3524d ago

As a Nintendo suporter I already know Nintendo is a knickle and dime company. If there is a HDD for the Nintendo Wii U it WILL be sold seperately. Day one purchase.

Once your HDD is plugged in even you can experience Nintendos trend setting gameplay and industry driving exclusives.

Rated E for Everyone so you and your girlfriend can play together. because if YOU don't play with her. Another Nintendo fan will :)

GraveLord3523d ago

Don't think Sony will do that with PS4.
Why would they go backwards?

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Mikhail3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Well, HDD prices today are up by 150% so it depends when they release it but patcher is most of the time wrong so...

hiredhelp3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Its about 70% because of the floods at least thats the story there still holding onto.. Yet say this could go on for a while witch i find bit suspicious.

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The story is too old to be commented.