One Hit Blunders

With this year's release of TimeShift, we're reminded of just how hot being able to bend chronological order has become, after the Prince of Persia and Max Payne pioneered the idea. But what about those ... other game mechanics? What about the ones that never made it big, never saw themselves emulated a thousand times over? GameDaily decided it's time that they get their due.

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MK_Red4728d ago

A rather weird article ;)

TSB Breakdown4728d ago

yea that was a little weird
i dont get it

Prismo_Fillusion4728d ago

The original concept of the article has potential: new and fresh game mechanics that made a hit game once, but may never work again.

The problem became clear immediately on page 2 though...there just wasn't enough content to actually flesh out a serious article from the one concept.

So the writer didn't take it seriously and goofed off for 8 pages.

MK_Red4728d ago

Very good point :)
It starts with talking about time abilities and how they are awesome. A picture of TimeShift and then it all becomes a joke after second page. The concept was indeed novel but the that's the only good thing here.

Polluted4728d ago

That was funnier than I expected. The Burger Time bit was priceless. I disagree on the Boogerman thing, though. We NEED a Boogerman sequel. Maybe they could do an FPS like Metroid.

MK_Red4728d ago

Definitly agreed. A Boogerman sequel would be awesome. The orignal was short but really really fun and hilarious.

Polluted4727d ago

You beat Boogerman? Wow. I seem to recall that game was really hard because Boogerman didn't control all that great.