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The original Alan Wake [released May, 2010] was a very Twin Peaks-esque thriller, set in a small mountain town where things aren’t quite what they seem. It’s still one of the most creative and unique console titles of this generation, and in a time where military shooters dominate the sales charts, games like Alan Wake are a breath of fresh air.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – a downloadable spin-off – takes the same basic foundation and gameplay, but twists it into something that may not be what you expected

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TheXgamerLive3524d ago

I'll say this again, this is an arcade title and has been done w/a bit of tongue n cheek and "NOT" to be compared to Alan Wake 1.

This arcade game is an easy 10/10 IMO.

Arcade games dont ever look or play this incredible. Now, if this were a full game, then yes an 8/10 maybe, but it's not.
I'm loving it and I haven't even played the Horde Mode yet.

The next release Alan Wake 2, i'd guess will be a next Xbox system release and will blow us away. I can't wait, but until then, this is hella "fun".


There is nothibg wrong with a 7.

I'm glad you are enjoying your game though.

YodaCracker3524d ago

Yes, it is definitely VERY underrated, but what you gonna do? Enjoy the hell out of the game!

achmetha3524d ago

agreed. always wanted to play the first. bought this and now plan on buying the original. no lower than a 9/10 imo.

ChronoGamers3523d ago

I certainly enjoyed the game, it plays great & looks outstanding. 7/10 is a good score on our scale. What held it back from achieveing higher was down to the repetition in environments and objectives. American Nightmare fell just short of being "Great". I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as you are and thank you for reading the review.

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