OXCGN Goes Mass Effect 3: Intergalactic Fantastic EA Australia Event


"Always trying to outdo themselves and the competition, EA Australia held an event spectacle of galactic proportions on Wednesday 22nd of February at SOHO in Sydney’s infamous Kings Cross.

Some features: decking out the dance floor with TVs showcasing the Earth and Mars level from Mass Effect, having a FemShep walk around being bad-ass with her inflatable Omni-Blade and a photo booth to get your face on either FemShep or MaleShep.

The awesome didn’t quite stop there though, as up the front near the main podium in a glass casket there was a model replica of the Normandy which looked absolutely amazing behind the red velvet rope."

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gaminoz3524d ago

I wish these events were open other places than Sydney sniff.

OmegaSaiyanX3523d ago

I remember going to the blackbeta event held by EA in London, you had to enter the competition on IGN's site and I won I was able to take a friend with me. However they didnt say you was going to get a FREE copy of ME2 which I got and was soo excited when this was announced at the event! :-D

Shame they arent doing this again though :( im just gonna be patient and wait for my collectors edition although its expensive i am looking forward to it :-)