God of War: Chains of Olympus Hands-On by GameDaily

Thus far, God of War: Chains of Olympus looks stunning, with plenty of detail on the characters and the environments. The PSP's latest firmware update, which enables the processor to run at 333 MHz, enabled developer Ready At Dawn (of Daxter fame) to add various enhancements to the game, such as character shadows and much faster combat. Whereas previous versions moved a tad slow, this one zips along, with lots of enemies on screen and special effects with nary a hint of slowdown.

Chain of Olympus' quality gameplay, however, is easily its best feature. Even without a second analog stick, the game is a joy to play, as GameDaily guided Kratos through a temple mashing the face buttons and busting out elaborate combos. Being able to not only slice enemies but also torture them in various ways is a rewarding experience. GameDaily are not sure what that says about them, but regardless, they enjoyed causing as much mayhem as possible.

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BigKev454731d ago

Just give me the PS3 God of War!

Kain814731d ago

by PSP God of war and than Crisis Core:Final fantasy 7.

Account deleted4731d ago

i am going to buy a psp just to get my hands on kratos and have a little bit of training before the real deal god of war 3

Polluted4731d ago

Definitely picking up a PSP for this. It's retarded how big of a God of War fan I am. Kratos is f*cking brutal.

zonetrooper54731d ago

i got a PSP yesteday, im typing this message on my PSP now.

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