Gamestatics - Black Ops 2?

Gamestatics - "Rumors have been swirling around a supposed “Black Ops 2″ for quite some time now. People were referring to it as “Iron Wolf” after a picture leaked of a supposed Treyarch employee playing something named “Iron Wolf” (Team Deathmatch) However the validity of this photo is unknown."

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Criminal3533d ago

I'm one of those few, who prefer Treyarch to IW. I hope they'll do a good job with balancing.

lorianguy3533d ago

It used to be the other way round for me, but I have seen how much Treyarch tries to innovate - and succeeds a lot of the time - only to be trampled by Infinity Ward not wanting to acknowledge their existence.

Bdxxacjkfs3533d ago

Spin-Off of Reznov, please!


Every article is a question?

5yN4MWQU3533d ago

It's a sensational question!

Edit.: Sorry, I meant: "It's a sensational - Question?"

DlCK_DANGEROUSLY3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Regardless, your comment still made me laugh. Haha I love the enthusiasm*? ;)