Meet the Games Press: Adam Sessler

Through all the changes and programming turmoil TechTV has seen since its acquisition by Comcast and its rebranding as G4, one part of the schedule has remained remarkably consistent. X-Play (formerly Extended Play, and formerly Gamespot TV before that) is by far the longest-running video game-related program on American TV. The show's focus on brutally honest game reviews and oddball humor has kept it relatively well-respected in the eyes of gamers throughout its nearly ten-year tenure.

That's why it was somewhat surprising for the show to announce a major format change last week. On Jan. 14, 2008, X-Play will begin running five days a week, with gaming news coverage, tips and tricks, and other new content mixed in with the familiar base of reviews. The format change accompanies a promotion for co-host Adam Sessler, who has been named Managing Editor, Games Editorial for G4. GameDaily talked to Sessler about his new position, his new show, and a potentially new image for his network.

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