Eurogamer editor teasing secret game; "Internet will go bananas when it's shown"

Eurogamer editor Johnny Minkley took to Twitter today to vaguely discuss a "top secret" title he saw recently.

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knifefight3524d ago

That's what they said about Dungeon Siege III....

Chaotic_Lament3523d ago

And some new X-Com game made.

KeybladeMaster3523d ago

Let me see... Square is holding a Kibgdom hearts event next weekend. The game is more then likely a PS3 exclusive. The Internet will go bannanas (crazy).......

Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

NewsForSnowflakes3523d ago

He did say 'secret thing'. It might not even be a game.

Snookies123524d ago

Agreed, notice he said, "Bananas". Lol, that fits perfectly for Timesplitters' monkeys...

digitaleraser3523d ago

As much as I'd love it to be Timesplitters 4, it'll probably end up being a 3DS installment of Donkey Kong...

NYC_Gamer3524d ago

I'm not going to feed into the hype

DarthBigE3523d ago

If it is, i wont just go bananas. I'll shit bananas too!

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The story is too old to be commented.