BlackBible and HipHopGamer PS Vita NYC Launch Interview Blowout

On February 21st, GamerFitNation attended the launch event for the PlayStation Vita at the Sony Style Store in New York. They Kicked things off with a special shout out from SCEA CEO and President Jack Tretton. In this joint interview with HipHopGamer they talk with Senior Product Marketing Manager Don Mesa about all things Vita.

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xtheownerzx3524d ago

The event was really a lot of fun and it had something for everyone!

Colwyn3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

bring back the hiphopgamer to

n4g needs the hiphopgamer.if people hate the hhg then they should just avoid his articles. i never understood people who dislike him would go out of their way to enter his articles then feel the need to spew their hatred

Patriots_Pride3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

"n4g needs the hiphopgamer" Yeah because N4G has a shortage of flame bait articles that only HHG can provide.

The dude got banned from N4G because of his over the top flame bait headlines and articles. I have never met someone that would go so low just to get hits as HHG.

So no he is not missed or needed on N4G.

Edit: @ Below - how long have you been visiting N4G? HHG invented and perfected the art of article trolling, he is the reason this other sites you speak of are what they are now.

The dude would make up lies about x developer said this and x developer said that, he even got called out bu Bungie.

Also I have never seen someone one kiss so much @$$ in life for free swag. When he interviews a developers he praises them like they were gods and the game that they are promoting is game of the year - Kun-Fu Live is a perfect example of this.


metsgaming3524d ago

I find it dumb that hhg was banned but none of these other sites get banned and they are far worse. The amount of tolling and stealth trolling is incrddible and yet they arent banned yet hhg is? Seriously what is the explaination? I will trade kotaku for hhg anyday heck take yourpick of any site and ur likely to have hhg better.

GribbleGrunger3524d ago

the only reason that HHG was banned from this site is because he was pro PS3. if he'd been pro 360 then all the comments we are seeing now would be completely different. i often saw articles from him that were pro 360, it's just that he favoured the PS3... and rightly so. Sony have always and will always support their fans. they do not look to the fanbase to make them money, they make games for the fanbase to make them money. it might appear a similar strategy, but it is actually completely different.

UnSelf3524d ago

black ppl are taking over the world

n4gisatroll3524d ago

Too bad the video isn't working right for me.

DiRtY3524d ago

Say no to HipHopgamer.

Patriots_Pride3524d ago

Can not believe that he is still carrying around that plastic wrestling belt.

To hold that thing has got to be so embarrassing for the person that he is interviewing.

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