What Could The Big EA Announcement On March 6th Be?

On March 6th between 6pm and 8pm PST at the Game Developers Conference, EA will be holding a conference to discuss the future of one of their biggest franchises. They tease that it will be ‘a huge announcement that affects the future of one of EA’s most beloved franchises.’ So, what could that announcement be?

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ThichQuangDuck3523d ago

Battlefield 3 DLC would be interesting to see.Not sure what this announcement is though hope it is a new game entirely

GraveLord3523d ago

One of Their Biggest franchises?

So it's either FIFA or Battelfield related. Maybe even Rock Band.

Aloren3523d ago

Very True... but I think a BF3 DLC or a new Fifa are pretty much a given, and I don't think announcing this in a conference would be justified; unless it's a standalone expansion for BF3.

DA on the other hand was pretty much ignored for the last few weeks, and I think Laidlaw said something recently along the lines of "stay tuned". So... That's why DA was my (educated :D) guess.

fear883523d ago

It might be the game respawn entertainment is making. wonder what west ane zempella have got cooking

ljh2173522d ago

DA would make sense with mass effect being released, and it seems bioware plan to alternate between the franchises. I do think it's Bioware related at least.

Something Command & Conquer: Generals 2 related? They released the screenshots a whilst back and then there's just been silence.

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gtxgamer23523d ago

Medal of honor trailer + release date?

asdlfkj3498as3522d ago

I don't know what FIFA related game it could be since those are a given for September. Unless it's a Euro 2012 game which would be stupid...

DeadlyFire3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

To EA any franchise is big. Possibilities...BLACK 2? Army of Two: Three? Mirror's Edge 2? Mercenaries 3?

Dragon Age 3?

Battlefield 3 DLC?

Bad Company 3?

Mass Effect MMO? ME 3 Launching on same day as announcement. Seems like it might happen.

Medal of Honor: Modern Warfighter. Yes I know, but it fits.

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finbars753523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I would have to say that its obvisouly medal of honor gameplay and the bf3 dlc and patch release date.Cant see it being anything else to tell you the truth.Cant wait.

TrendyGamers3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I don't know if it'll be anything battlefield 3 related. They'll likely just focus on Warfighter if anything.

Adexus3523d ago

They've already said that they're showing off Medal of Honor Warfighter at GDC so it's that.

Hopefully they will announce the BF3 DLC that was supposedly meant to be announced a couple of weeks ago as well.

finbars753523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I agree with you.I hope its the dlc myself.I just dont want it to be overshadowed by medal of honor.Its almost like EA likes to burie there games before it hits its peak.Reminds of how the BFBC series went.I will say the only thing thats good about the COD series which I will make clear that I do not play at all is that they really focus on there game for at least a year before the new COD comes out.I feel that Dice and EA have pretty much abounded Bf3 already with not much info about anything or giving people a reason to keep playing a broken game without reason.They need to release something big that will bring the BF fans back and have something to be excited about again.

Adexus3523d ago

Completely agree with you. Personally I prefer BFBC2, it just had a much better feel but I have put more than double the hours into BF3 than I did with BFBC2 because there's much more to unlock, I really do miss BFBC2 though, I liked every map on it while on BF3 there's about 3 which I can tolerate :P

With DICE not developing the multiplayer for MoH anymore I am quite looking forward to it, I liked the first ones campaign but the multiplayer was just awful in every aspect.

@TrendyGamers - It's rumoured to be an American city map pack so areas like NYC will make an appearance, I was hoping for some more desert and snow maps though :(

TrendyGamers3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Have they said what that DLC might be?

berndogskate3523d ago

maybe something to do with respawn hmm

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