Hong Kong Setting had Square Sold on Sleeping Dogs

United Front Game’s latest title Sleeping Dogs was in some rocky water not too long ago, back when the title used to be True Crime: Hong Kong. Once Activision dropped its funding for the title last year, Square Enix decided to step in and help the dev team see their project through.

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vortis3523d ago

Cool news.

I was interested in this game as well because of the Hong Kong setting. We don't usually get open-world games outside of the United States or Britain. I'm glad Square decided to stick to it.

Now let's just hope UFG doesn't screw up with shoddy gameplay mechanics and poor controls.

Yi-Long3523d ago

... I LOVE a Hong Kong setting, cause it's a city I've been to a couple of summers now and I absolutely LOVE it there, and it's the ideal setting for a sandbox game cause it has everything you would want: big diverse city, cool pop-culture, varied population, lots of nature and parks and mountains, etc etc.

That said, it seems Sleeping Dogs is situated mainly on Hong Kong Island, and from what I've seen it just doesn't really FEEL like the Hong Kong I know and love, as opposed to GTA4's Liberty City which does do a very accurate job in portraying New York City.

Also, I haven't really been impressed by any of the in-game footage gameplay-wise.

vortis3523d ago

Same here, the gameplay footage that I seen was neither as fun as the original True Crime: Streets of LA nor as innovative as GTA IV.

The motorcycle and vehicle combat looks snazzy, though.

I just hope they fix up the shooting and fighting mechanics...especially the figthing.

alien6263523d ago

is this the new true crimes game but change name?


The vid I saw of this game shows that a lot of love and energy went into recreating the Hong Kong world.