Dillon The Armadillo Belongs In Next Super Smash Bros.

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Dillon's Rolling Western appears to be one of Nintendo's more polarizing games, as players either love or dislike the company's newest eShop release.

Unfortunately, I fell into the latter category, but I'll say this much: Dillon's one cool armadillo. He's also one of the best characters, far superior to Wii Music's Sebastian Tute. If you have no idea who that is, consider yourself lucky.

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Titanz3524d ago

Just for the sake of them being featured in future Smash Bros title!?

Makes sense :P

Relientk773524d ago

Based off what Ive seen from this game, he would be a great choice for the next Smash Bros game. I would def would try to use him for sure.

Sobari3524d ago

I want to see some 5th Cell characters in, from either the Scribblenauts or Drawn to Life games.

AWBrawler3524d ago

Daisy! Give us Daisy, she could be a suped up Peach semi-clone, just like Ganondorf is a C.Falcon semi-clone.