5 Things A New Call of Duty Engine Needs

PushStartSelect: "With a new generation nearing the corner, and more competition going directly head-to-head with them, you would only assume a brand new Call of Duty engine is in the works. If not a brand new one, then they are at least tweaking another engine to use (similar to how the current games use something similar to Quake). So what do we want to see with this newly revamped Call of Duty? Well glad you asked."

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MrGunny943524d ago

Alright, they can't push anything forward if the main engine is old... IT'S OLD just admit it.... They got 2 choices

A: Upgrade to the new ID engine
B: License or build a new engine

They're trying to milk this engine the most that they can... but this engine won't do any good to them for the next gen, if they keep like this, COD is gonna kill it self with this engine

Each year it's like this - CTRL C + CTRL V + Recyle maps from old games + 15$ for DLC 4 maps that doesn't take more then half a week for a dev team to finish (without taking in account that it's UNBALANCED MAPS)

GG Activision

Oldman1003524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if they continue to use the current engine next gen.

SpecialK3524d ago

I cant see them using a new engine this gen, not when new consoles are about to be announced.

And as for destruction, its adding all these things that have made cod less focused.