Sony Won't Transfer PSP Games to Vita, Says It's Our Fault

Breaking into the Nintendo-dominated handheld gaming market is certainly tough, but Sony has been holding their own for years with the PSP. With the onset of the PS Vita, fans were excited to get a new system while retaining some of their old classics from the PSP. However, Sony's head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, said that Japan and only Japan will see the UMD Passport Program.

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LX-General-Kaos3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Interesting read

Basically what the man is saying is that People in the west did not support the original psp enough. Now certain features will be getting the "Project Rainfall" treatment.

Now it is up to the Millions and millions of Sony fans to rise up together and do something about this. Or features on the Playstation Vita will be Japan exclusive.

Game3s3524d ago

They won't rise up since what ever Sony says is law, Sony can do no wrong in their eyes.

sikbeta3524d ago

Hmm... in N4G maybe... and there aren't many Sony fans in first place.... :O

HarryMasonHerpderp3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

just shut up.
No need for comments like that.

fei-hung3524d ago

At the end of the day, its not enturely up to Sony since they didn't publish or own all the games. A decision like this probably must me unanimous amongst other devs and publishers.

On the other hand, the amount of PS1 games n PS Mini games u can transfer is plenty as well with 2 4 1 games like Motorstorm RC (which only cost £4.70).

I seen a lot of ppl complain about BC on the PS3 n it was mostly hot air since hardly any1 made use of it.

T9003524d ago

"One would think that Sony would have learned from their previous mistakes. After they decided to discontinue backwards compatibility in the Playstation 3, Sony decided to make a number of Playstation 2 titles available for download through the Playstation Market."

Why should they give BC when they ccan make money of HD remakes. Anyways most people on here dont seem to care about BC anyways. Personally i dont think Sony will be offereing BC on the PS4 either. Lots of money to be made on HD remakes.

Optical_Matrix3524d ago

Piracy is was a huge problem in the west for the PSP. It caused a lot of western developers to drop PSP support pretty early on. For more than half of its life cycle, the PSP was being held up in the west by small JRPG publishers like NISA and XSEED, with the occasional Square Enix game.

I think Sony are perfectly within their right if I'm honest. Moral of the story is not to pirate because shit like this happens.

mantisimo3524d ago

Yeah it's a shame for the majority of us that didn't pirate any games, not putting in a UMD passport for the west doesn't in any way punish the pirates though they are "up" either way.

It's the law abiding that lose out this time.

BubloZX3524d ago

Yeah and besides Nintendo removed BC with gba games from the dsi and 3ds so know why everyone so pissed with Sony for.

HarryMasonHerpderp3524d ago

Yeah i agree with this i know 3 people who had
a PSP and all they did was pirate the games.

Chrono3524d ago

I don't care about the UMD, but why are not all PSP games available for download on the Vita? At the moment, Vita is not a replacement for PSP.

Waddy1013524d ago

It's not supposed to be a replacement for the PSP. It's meant to be a brand new console that you buy to play the games made for that console.

Chrono3524d ago

3DS completely replaces DS, there's no need for DS anymore. Vita doesn't do this. That's my point. Maybe you don't care about PSP games, but others do.

Waddy1013523d ago

The 3DS doesn't completely replace the DS though, i'd much rather play DS games on my DS because the 3DS does a horrible job of scaling them.

BubloZX3522d ago

that and my old DS still plays GBA games

tarbis3524d ago

Many 3rd party publishers don't want to support the UMD transfer program either. Why would they let people buy if for a fraction of a price when they can charge you full price for a donwload just bec you already have a physical copy?

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