Sony PS Vita: Game Changer or Game Over?

Sony's new portable gaming machine packs a punch, but is the PS Vita the victim of being the right hardware at the wrong time?

Popzara looks at the next-generation portable's potential in a mobile world dominated by smartphones, iDevices, and Nintendo.

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Titanz3524d ago

Let's just chill out for a second.

darthv723524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

from the perspective of those it is geared towards. No doubt the core audience that has been following along (myself included) are taking in every bit of sexiness this unit has to offer.

It would only be a game over if the casual consumer didnt find the same appeal as the core audience. That is the big hurdle to get over right now. Creating the mass market appeal to get consumers to bite.

To them, it doesnt offer anything new. Meaning it isnt a complete convenience package. This society is spoiled on tablet/phone convenience that a dedicated platform might not offer. True that sales of the ds/3ds have been great from a "gaming" pov. From an overall pov they are small. You have to figure the target audience for the ds are kids (and older but mostly kids) and parents buy them to shut the kids up.

So would that same sentiment translate to the vita? It certainly offers the better gaming experience (technically) but parents may see that price and think twice. It certainly is worth every penny but it isnt disposable. I for one wouldnt let my kids play with a vita considering i know how they treat their ds's. If theirs breaks I buy them another one. That seems to be the edge nintendo has in the "gaming" portable market.

Vita, I would say, is the more adult portable gaming market but for those that really know what its all about. You have already caught our attention sony. Now what to do about the millions of others who arent paying attention?

S_C3524d ago

agreed definate game changer

SilentNegotiator3523d ago

With the twin sticks and all that power? It's a definite game changer so long as the good games keep coming. I've dreamt of having 6th/7th gen style games in portable form for a long time.

ABizzel13523d ago

Less than 1 week in and I can say from a hardware perspective the Vita is the best handheld ever made by a large margin.

Now Sony and the devs. have to prove the Vita is worth the asking price with more games and more features.

If the Vita fails then gamers have failed themselves. Regardless if you're a hardcore fanboy of another system the Vita is the best of handheld gaming and being on this website proves that most of your are hardcore gamers so you should have a Vita.

Death3523d ago

"If the Vita fails then gamers have failed themselves. Regardless if you're a hardcore fanboy of another system the Vita is the best of handheld gaming and being on this website proves that most of your are hardcore gamers so you should have a Vita."

Of course this only applies if you are interested in a dedicated portable.


Elimin83523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I say game over... And it aint for sony.. My wallet's already hurting on the PS3 so imagine how raped my Bank account will feel in the next couple weeks having to buy both PS3 and Vita games..

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StraightPath3524d ago

still too early but price drop will be good :D

DragonKnight3523d ago

Oh for the love of... ENOUGH OF THIS B.S.!

Look, absolutely NO ONE can say ANYTHING about the Vita's success or failure. The damn thing just came out and we have already been plagued with 923489123491242347134891723489 1273987 "articles" about it's success or failure (mostly failure). I'm not even going to bother reading this damn article because A) Who the hell is popzara? And B) There have been too many articles about this.

Hell, any Vita article doesn't even have to be read. All you have to know about pretty much every Vita article is that they all contain at least 1 of the following.

-$250 is too expensive. (Even though we loved that price at E3, if Nintendo can't sell the 3DS for that price, no one can sell anything at that price.)

-Japanese launch was a flop (even though it wasn't)

-Memory cards are too expensive (in addition to the $250 price being too expensive)

-X Feature isn't included at launch (disregarding things like licensing and copyright issues)

-Smartphones are teh pwnz and will take over all gaming. (Even though core gamers don't want that at all and no smartphone can match the prowess of a dedicated gaming handheld for games)

Am I missing anything?

Ser3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

"-$250 is too expensive. (Even though we loved that price at E3, if Nintendo can't sell the 3DS for that price, no one can sell anything at that price.)"

LOL - It's funny because this is how people actually act.

Spot on post, all of your points rang true.

PinkFunk3523d ago

Hahaha. You said it brother.

TotalHitman3523d ago

American's are spoilt for shit, $250 is £157 here in the UK. People would run to the shops for a Vita at that price. But because we get fucked all the time, the RRP for the Wi-Fi version is $349 (£220). And you don't even want to know how much the 3G version costs but here is a little hint. It's over $400.

Death3523d ago

It's funny how people from other regions complain about SRPs. You need to consider cost of living and wage scale when comparing prices. SRP should be relatively close when factoring these in.


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dragunrising3523d ago

Game changer. Dual analog sticks and digital downloads available same day as retail made me a believer, not to mention the gorgeous games.

arika3523d ago

definitely a game changer! if you are a real gamer and tech savy person you have to own this. there is nothing like this out in the market right now. i believe when people realizes how amazing this machine is, it will be sold out and people will have a hard time finding it.

sikbeta3523d ago

Game Over, dedicated handheld gaming is on the way out, IOS, Android and Wphones will fix your gaming needs in the future :)

arika3523d ago

@ sikbeta game over for you probably. but unlike you a lot of gamers still prefer to have analog sticks and real buttons on their gaming machine just like me and w/ ps vita you have the best of both and then some. touch screen front and back dual analog sticks, 6 buttons, cameras, six axis or tilt control and quad core. tell me a phone that have all of this features? none? right? maybe after 2 years there will be one but as of right now vita beats every phone or handheld device out there.

mantisimo3523d ago

You just stick with angry birds Sik I'll be playing Uncharted with 2 analogues.

xtremeimport3523d ago

the biggest problem with it right now and i guess always with portable gaming these days is that its directed at a niche market. only the most dedicated gamers are going to be looking for a portable console. all the others are just gonna be on iphones or tablets.
i shouldnt say "all" the others..but a big number of them. I'll get a vita, just not the right time for me.

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LX-General-Kaos3524d ago

The Vita has not had a chance to put up a fight yet. It is far too early to make any predictions. It is fair to wait and see how things are in a year from now.

FrigidDARKNESS3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I totally agree it's far to early and the developers barely scratch the surface of what it can do. I'm picking up my Vita this weekend or sometimes next week.

JoGam3524d ago

My opinion, its a game changer. This is coming from a guy who had every PSP and who currently owns two PS3's. So far, this is by far the best handheld experience I every had. I got the 3G model from Amazon.

Pixel_Enemy3524d ago

I just realized that I have also owned all the PSP models (except the go) have two PS3s and a new vita.


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Soldierone3524d ago

If you are not an Apple lover, it's a game changer. Anyone with eyes can see what its made for and how well it does it.

The media will do this and that to try and compare it to Apple Icrap and say its failing because it didn't have a bunch of brainless drones sitting in line everywhere when it launched, but who cares. This isn't for them. If they get a few of them to tag along that is great, but Sony is targeting the gamers and people that want actual casual games.

brettyd3524d ago

I'm a fan of Apple products, not a fan of IPad gaming though. Just got my vita this morning and in my opinion it's definitely a game changer. With the apps, console like game experiences and PSN connectivity it does everything. I was surprised how well the browser worked. I've only spent about an hour total with it and am loving the hell out of it.

Soldierone3524d ago

I don't classify you as an Apple drone. nothing wrong with liking their products, but its the people that think Apple are gods of everything that I can't stand and are the ones that are "drones"

dredgewalker3523d ago

True, you can buy any Apple product as long as you don't buy into it's fanaticism. Even PSP games are far superior to what Apple's game library.

BigBoss19643524d ago

Bloody hell it just released :/