I'm equal parts worried and excited about Resident Evil 6

GameZone writes, "Though it still looks to offer classic RE-style elements, Resident Evil 6 seems like it may go in a largely different direction"

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fluffydelusions3524d ago

I'm always hoping for the best but plan for the worse when it comes to Capcom nowadays.

Kos-Mos3524d ago

Worry about yer articles.

theWB273524d ago

Never seen so many articles complain about games in a series needing whole new engines and changes, then when they do change and evolve it's....OMG IT'S NOT THE SAME GAME!!! ITS CHANGING TOO MUCH!!!

MariaHelFutura3524d ago

Yes. In general people don't know what they want, which is why most are better off under control.


Lol that is actually a good point. I say that AS someone who prefers the original Resident Evil style, mood, gameplay. Touche...... :)

TheSanchezDavid3524d ago

A new engine doesn't necessarily mean completely different gameplay and a completely different style.

theWB273524d ago

I know that, but thats a general complaint around the interwebz. Just for arguments sake though, if a new engine doesnt mean a completely different play style and gameplay then what difference does a new engine make. If someone can make those same adjustments with the same engine then its defeating the purpose.
I think some people get excited cause they hear new engine, more than improvements. Its like getting water from faucets right next to each other. Give me to the faucet on the right cause its percieved to be better even the water is still the same.

TheSanchezDavid3523d ago

A new engine can mean a number of things. A new engine can make a game run smoother, have smoother animations, maybe even offer gameplay elements that couldn't be used in previous games. RE6 seems to deviate from the survival horror genre completely and go for something a lot more like a third-person shooter, and it's traded in the chilling moments for pretentious voice acting and ridiculously bro-type situations.

theWB273523d ago

What you named would be bad coding. Generally speaking there are so many engines floating around the game world, they just do hybrids, or branch off but its based on an existing engine.

MariaHelFutura3524d ago

Someone pass the bunsen burner.....

Roper3163524d ago

Capcom I'll pass after RE5 and their DLC BS.

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