How to break into the game industry

Crystal Dynamics Community & Communication Manager Meagan Marie was recently a guest at Katsucon in Washington, D.C., where she presented a panel on how to break into the gaming industry. Before joining Crystal Dynamics to work on the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, Marie was an Associate Editor at Game Informer, the world’s most-read gaming magazine.

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Tolkoto3524d ago

The term "break in" always seemed so violent. Can't we casually mosey in?

DV_Bastian3524d ago

I generally prefer to meander nearby.

n1ghtw1ng3524d ago

"*Full disclosure: The author of this post is in a relationship with Meagan Marie."

Yeah that's how to break into the industry.

V0LT3524d ago

I used to want to work in the game industry many years ago but these days there is no way. It seems like all you hear about are companies closing up shop these days.

LouisGarcia3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Meagan got me an interview with Game Informer two years ago. She's a really nice and genuine person. She too reps the Midwest!