John Robertson on The Dark Room, his merciless and hilarious YouTube game (interview)

Australian stand-up comedian John Robertson’s YouTube adventure game The Dark Room has been played over 220,000 times in less than three weeks. While many have entered The Dark Room, few have found their way out, and the comments on YouTube are filled with cries of despair.

GamesBeat got in touch with Robertson, to ask about his inspiration and to find out if he will ever reveal the solution to The Dark Room.

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Sadie21003533d ago

That seems like an awful lot of work for a YouTube video but good for him. I'm curious if he does well enough with these that he can keep on doing similar projects like he's planning? How can people afford to do this for a living?


Advertisement maybe? You raise an interesting question. I have no idea.

Maybe through specific sponsors or something.

I'm probably not the right person to try and figure it out, as I'm not into all of the youtubes and whatnot.

lethalsilicong53533d ago

oh wow! that video is crazy. props