Where Was Your CPU Born? Map of CPU Manufacturing Locations

Gamers Nexus: "Despite self-imposed differences, all platforms -- PC, Xbox360, PS3, Vita, and others -- share a common thread: Hardware.

The engineering behind each chip is appreciated -- but the manufacturing process (2 - 3 months), the development process (a full 2 - 2.5 years), and the unbelievable level of science behind the two in combination are hardly noticed when reading up on budget gaming rigs or explaining the functionality to newcomers. All of this comes down to one question: Where and how are CPUs made? We'll answer the latter in an extensive series, but the rest remains herein."

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5yN4MWQU3524d ago

I love looking at the hardware behind all these platforms. We might pretend like there's some kind of major platform war going on behind the scenes, but in the end, they're all computers. They aren't that different after all :)

Velox3524d ago

They arnt diffrent except pcs are better graphix and have better games

bodybombs3524d ago

obvious troll comment is obvious

5yN4MWQU3524d ago

The graphics *potential* might be better, but until developers stop bottlenecking themselves on Xbox hardware, the actual graphics will remain fairly equal cross-platform.

Then again, bodybombs is right and I shouldn't even be replying to this.

iamgoatman3524d ago


"but until developers stop bottlenecking themselves on Xbox hardware"

I think you mean console hardware ;)

CarlitoBrigante3524d ago

PC have better games and better graphics? Yeah sure, everyone is acting like PC has so much better graphics but I bet 90% of those can't even play them on High settings.

Better games? Kid have you even tried Uncharted 2? It broke all GOTY records

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5yN4MWQU3524d ago

@iamgoatman: Yeah, that's true, although Xbox hardware is the worst of them all. I wasn't trying to make some sort of political statement about consoles, it was just an example.

ATi_Elite3524d ago

I have actually been to fab 42 in Arizona!

didn't get to see much of teh inside cause i was outside working on all their Got Dam back-up Generators.

That place can never lose power or Intel loses like 100's of millions every 5 minutes as i was told.

Buy Intel........Best product and it's American made!

Wiiloveit3524d ago

Lots of technical stuff in there. Great work!

5yN4MWQU3524d ago

A great game, for sure. There needs to be more cyberpunk games. I was definitely stylizing the map to be in the cyberpunk style :)

SKUD3524d ago

Such an exciting process.

Sjs1203524d ago

The sarcasm is strong in this one.

5yN4MWQU3524d ago

Well said, that_whore, well said.

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The story is too old to be commented.