Xbox 720: How Microsoft Could Determine Sony's Fate

(IndustryGamers) If the strategy of focusing on Kinect 2.0 and a touchpad controller is true for Microsoft, it's clear whose market they're going after: Nintendo's. Yes, it could be that the Wii U and Xbox 720 will actually be going after a similar mass market audience. This leaves Sony in an interesting spot – they could target a similar audience or they could keep on the track they've been on and possibly make the PS4 many, many times more powerful than the competition's consoles.

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josephayal3524d ago

KID, The X720/PS4 is more of the same, the wii u and the VITA are the revolution

Conzul3524d ago

Ha, I'd be just fine with M$ going after the Wii, seeing as I don't play either one. If that happens the Ps4 will be the centerpiece for hardcore gamers for the next 6-10 years.

BTW, any console that has a touchpad does not reach for hardcore audiences. A touchpad is something called a "gimmick"

dark-hollow3524d ago

What defines hardcore?
So playing ninja gaiden 3 on the wii u controller makes it less hardcore?

Just because it have a touch screen doesn't makes it less hardcore because there is buttons to go along with it.

By your logic, the vita and 3ds Are not hardcore.

Conzul3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I define hardcore by how much precision control your "controller" allows you to send to a game.

The Vita would probably count as hardcore ( I don't have mine yet ) because of its dual analogue can fine-tune your sniper shot for instance. Gimmicky controllers ( Wii Motion+ and probably WiiU ) place the focus of "fun" on the INPUT, whereas hardcore controllers place the "fun" in the RESULT of the INPUT (in the actual) game.

Short Version:

Hardcore: "Look at this awesome game I'm playing!"

Not Hardcore: "Watch me flail my arms and tilt side to side! Pay no attention to that game behind the curtain!"


Aside from the clever Wizard of Oz reference in your second comment, I respectfully disagree. Not about the Wii as it's clearly NOT hardcore. Though not to say it's not fun for some people, which is what is actually.

As for the Wii U(goofy name aside) idk enough about it to disagree OR agree.

Hopefully it's clear through text that I'm not looking for a fight. I just disagree.... kind of.

Conzul3524d ago

Well the funny thing is, I think of most Zelda games as hardcore (they are tough and reward speed and focus), but I have no respect for Wii.

I think Skyward Sword was a very good game, but I hate the fact that I had to play it with motion controllers.

I'll only respect kinect-like getups as hardcore once you can sit down and do subtle hand movements to control the game instead of all this "OooOOO look, I'm REALLY doing it" nonsense.

mume193520d ago

So is the Vita twice as gimmick cuz it has two touch pads??

OmegaSaiyanX3524d ago

I have no idea what Microsofts' strategy is all I want them to do is bring out a reliable decent system that appeals to the core gamer and not be plagued by tons of kinect stuff. I dont want the next Xbox to be another Nintendo.

Patriots_Pride3524d ago

I know you can not reply but maybe you have a duplicate account.

I have PS3 and 360 and do majority of my gaming on the 360 becuase 80% of my friends and fam are on Live and I have never been bothered or bombarded with Kinect stuff. I played tons of great games on my 360 last year and looking forward to another great year of gaming on my 360.

My question to you is if you do not enjoy games like Call of Duty, Skyrim, Batman, Mass Effect 2, Read Dead Redemption, Resident Evil 5, Fall Out Vegas, Bioshock 2, Fifa, Madden, Gears 3, Forza 4, Dead Space 2, Halo Reach, Saint Row 3........then what type of games do you enjoy? Becuase all those games and more are on the 360.

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