IGN reviews The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific on X360

Unfortunately, The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific is an FPS that not only fails to inspire or redefine the genre, but it also misses the mark of mediocrity. This is an extremely substandard game, through and through, and it's almost a shame that it had to follow such a great series of acts. Set in the now entirely overused backdrop of World War II, Battle for the Pacific attempts to recreate certain segments of the Pacific Campaign including the legendary Battle of Iwo Jima. However, its lackluster presentation, poor controls, abundance of AI glitches and forgettable narrative make this an FPS game you may want to skip.

Overall score: 4.5/10

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DarkSniper4729d ago

Lackluster games such as The History Channel:Battle for the Pacific is the reason why XBOX 360 is proving to be the wasteland to develop videogames for. The only telling story is that this game is considered to be an XBOX exclusive. Another laughingstock of the gaming industry to say the least.

Dark Sniper is proud to be a PLAYSTATION 3® owner due to the sole reason of garbage games such as this wouldnt even be thought of for such a premiere system as the PS3.


RadientFlux4729d ago

"Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire" says otherwise

AdolfBinBush4729d ago

unlike previous installments this game is proving grounds.

BigKev454729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

HAHA, this is laughable. And they want to charge $49.99 for that? Who in their right mind would buy this crap, you got COD 4, Orange box, Halo 3, UT3.

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