Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 console preview video (Digital Spy)

Kinect Star Wars will be given a unique Xbox 360 bundle this April, and we've gone hands-on to see what it looks - and sounds - like.

It includes a custom R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 complete with custom system sounds, a C-3PO-themed gold wireless controller and a white Kinect sensor.

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darthv723524d ago

I can hear it in my head right now. The sound the system makes if something goes 'wrong'.

This is in good humor by all means. Not a troll attempt.

I'll get one just to have because it is different than the other custom 360 units. And its star wars.

Bigpappy3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Will sell over 1 mil in US alone. Would love having one, but I already have a 360 and my kids have the slim 250 gig w/Kinect.

bahabeast3524d ago

kinda weird i can onli see a geek loving this console

darthv723524d ago

these arent the droids you're looking for

sorry i couldnt resist.

TheMutator3524d ago

wow looks ugly as hell!!!