Little Big Planet delayed till Fall of 08

Tim Mellish from Gamernode writes:We never like it when a title is delayed. The anticipation is extended, plans are reworked, and a general feeling of sadness persists for at least a day. The sting is all the more real when the game is a highly touted, much looked forward to title like LittleBigPlanet. That's right folks; LittleBigPlanet has been delayed until Fall of 2008.

The information comes from the latest issue of EGM which had LittleBigPlanet under the Fall 2008 release window.This is nothing but bad news for PS3 owners since LittleBigPlanet is going to be such an amazing weapon to add to Sony's arsenal. The ability to create levels, games, and then share them over a network similar to YouTube just sounds fantastic.

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whoelse4729d ago

Even though it has been delayed till than, hopefully this will be because they want to make it an even better game and not because they are behind schedule.

Crazyglues4729d ago

Dude, I respect your opinion but this sucks, no matter how you look at it. I bought my PS3 for me to play games not wait for games.

But I guess no one else cares about waiting. But if you ask me I think it's actually hurting the system sales. The more the consumer waits for him or her to see games to play the more of a chance they will just buy something else, after they get tired of waiting... like a 360 or a Wii.

To me these delays are not helping anything

spiderfish4729d ago

I agree with CrazyGlues there's no good way to look at this, especially when the gameplay videos from almost one year ago already give you the feeling that the game is in its last phases of development.
Give us something Sony!

TANOD4729d ago


just too many exclusives for you too plus multiplats like COD 4, AC etc

you cant choose x360 cuz it has no games.Halo 3 is a subpar looking game. Gears and Bioshock are on PC as well. AC 6 will be on PS3 next year. same goes to Eternal Sonata and Lost Planet. PGR4 is not worth it. It got 7/8 from most of the gaming websites

If you play Uncharted then you wont simply like any other game except CRYSIS.

as for wii ---it is not a console but a JOKE

even in 2007 PS3 has the best GAMING LIBRARY

UNCHARTED is an example of TRUE NEXT GEN game with NEXT GEN GRAPHICS (best graphics on any console till date ) and lifelike enemy AI

BLaZiN PRopHeT4729d ago


Do you always have to be a fanboy? i mean this had nothing to do with the 360 but yet you bring it up. also didnt all 360 exclusives outsell most of the ps3 ones. a flop like PGR4 outsold R&C didnt it?

but whatever you gonna come back with some kinda fanboyish remark.

Lionsguard4729d ago

You guys still haven't learned a thing from Assassin's Creed have you? LBP is a aiming to be a heavy exclusive hit for the PS3 so it has to be absolutely perfect. If they released it in the Spring with loads of bugs and less content than intended all that would happen is you same people would b!tch, whine and moan all day long saying how they should of fixed all those bugs and added more content.

wolfgang4729d ago

Tanod : You spend so much time talking about the 360 that I now beleive you are secretly in love with it.

BrianC62344729d ago

Another moron reports this game is delayed based on a possible EGM typo. Has Media Molecule or Sony announced this delay? Not from what I've seen. I'll believe it only when it's official. And the release date is only for the version in the store anyway. I'm sure it will be online months before the Blu-ray version comes out.

wallace10004729d ago

@TANOD What is wrong with the wii? That is a fun little console! Just because something isn't a PS3 doesn't mean you have to hate it.

Mikey_Gee4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

When I was a kid, I had a pet dog that ended up rabid. Only way to fix the issue was for my dad to take the dog out behind the house and put the barrel of the rifle into its ear and pull the trigger.

problem solved

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JokesOnYou4729d ago

this is just routine business for sony this gen, if its a highly anticipated game that sonykids keep swearing will blow everybody away then you can expect it to be delayed, now we have to listen to more "wait until" stories even longer.


TheExecutive4729d ago

JOY JOY JOY... quit trolling.

Bathyj4729d ago

You know, I've seen Sonyfans looking forward to upcoming releases (whats wrong with that by the way?) but I've never heard anyone say This is going to blow everything else away about a game. Just cos a game is anticipated doesnt mean we think it is going to kill everything else. Thats just something people like you say about any PS3 that less popular than Halo, which is all of them. Give it a rest and just see what its like when it comes out. You might actually enjoy something that way.

InMyOpinion4728d ago

I said it before. Don't expect that many games to actually appear in 2008.

JokesOnYou4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

"You know, I've seen Sonyfans looking forward to upcoming releases (whats wrong with that by the way?) but I've never heard anyone say This is going to blow everything else away about a game."

ha ha yeah right, where have you been?

bootsielon - 19 Dec 2007 18:54

Ignore7 - LBP
Possibly the best game ever on any platform

Who are you kidding?, it only took a moment to go back and look at the last LBP post a few days ago to see a comment like the one above where a sonykid is swearing this game will blow everything else away....OK so he didn't use those exact words but I think calling LBP possibly "the best gamer ever on any platform" is a *stretch to say the least, is it cool looking game= YES, but I mean come on you kids would hype "Cooking Mama" if it had a ps logo on it, and since I've been on this site I've read plenty of comments from many different sonykids with similiar statements as shown above,

its OK to be excited for ANY game, Iam genuinely excited about some upcoming games which you may or may not necessarily think highly of but thats fine, so forgive me if I just think this will be a cool little game with nice feature sets but imo I just dont see this as some killer title sonykids swear its going to be. I don't often comment in the ps3 only news section but because my comments are harsh but true of course you sonykids call it trolling, if I'm "trolling" by having a differencs of opinion about this game and pointing out that this delay just means sonykids will be screaming its the second coming for basicly another year then so be it, I guess the definition of that term is very broad, so call me what you will.


TheExecutive4728d ago

Say what?


I am not saying you are wrong, but what the he!! are you doing in this thread? Find something else to do.

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aaquib54729d ago

I [email protected]#$ing hate how Sony does this. They'll unveil a trailer, if the game gets really anticipated, they'll delay it. I remember Phil Harrison on stage saying the PSN version would release THIS fall, with a Bluray version in early 08. The press caught on, and now Sony is simply going to delay it to build the hype and get a better 08 lineup instead of just releasing the ready game.

Time Lord4729d ago

delayed by only few months.

aaquib54729d ago

Watch the GDC presentation when Phil Harrison first unveiled HOME and LittleBigPlanet. It was always scheduled for a Fall 07 release. Even on GameTrailers Bonus Round, in July, Eric Lempell(PSN director) said it was due out this Fall.

aaquib54729d ago

Watch the GDC presentation when Phil Harrison first unveiled HOME and LittleBigPlanet. It was always scheduled for a Fall 07 release. Even on GameTrailers Bonus Round, in July, Eric Lempell(PSN director) said it was due out this Fall.

Kleptic4729d ago

yeah...LBP was to release with Home this year...I remember the exact same thing...I don't even remember when it got delayed to July 08...I was thinking it had only fallen back to some time later this winter...

Mikey_Gee4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

.. you have been put in your place.

Now here is some water to wash down your foot.


ANYWAY, this game was a big must have for me as well as KZ2. This is why I want the PS3 for Christmas this year and was going to treat myself to one to sit next to my 360 (best of both worlds). Maybe I will hold fire for now and pick one up later. Who know, maybe I will see another price drop.

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MaximusPrime4729d ago

This is a RUMOR. No official words from the dev and sony.

n_n4729d ago

until there is official word this should be taken lightly.

pharmd4729d ago

this is the absolute truth....bubbles up my friend

wolfgang4729d ago

Great, for some reason I taught this was official.

Not that I'm waiting for this game (not my type of game), but each time a big name from sony's lineup get delayed someone write "Enjoying you Delaystation" on my locker at work.

TheExecutive4729d ago

Who wants to bet its not because of the game but the delay to Home thats coming up? The beta is no where near ready for any kind of release.