LittleBigPlanet Karting not coming to PS Vita

As fast as it came, it has gone. Yesterday, a PlayStation Vita version of LittleBigPlanet Karting popped up on games rental service GameFly. Sony has told us that the listing is false.

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Garbage_sells_Nyc4042d ago

Your kidding right? Playstation doesnt need a mario kart we have modnation which is better in every respect imo and gives you an infinite amout of levels to play, car customization and so forth. Not to mention crisp graphics. Have you seen the type of levels made and thousands upon thoudands cool generated content made if so why would you make tht comment?

S_C4042d ago

I made that comment becuase that is my opinion. Imo LBP is a much bigger franchise than modnation racers and if they made a LBP kart racer you could forget about modnation again. You talk about the custom tracks people make, lets not forget where the play, create, share started.........LBP.

Abdou234041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Modnation is worse than Mario Kart in every aspect really. Otherwise SONY wouldn't have thought of giving the Kart genre another try. IMO they should have brought CTR back instead of creating whole new franchise.

Garbage_sells_Nyc4042d ago

Oh i didnt forget where play and create started thts irrelevant imo. You mentioned that the lbp kart raving could be the mario kart of the ps brand and it could hold true given based on sales lbp is more popular franchise than modnation, but my point is tht modnation is already a solid kart racer opinion or not tht has much more to offer thn Mario Kart and imo is way better. When modnation sales on Vita are very low blame tht on lack of online component which is reason i didnt buy one.

Sithlord-Gamble4042d ago

I agree. Id much rather play modnation over a lbp themed racer.

S_C4041d ago

"but my point is tht modnation is already a solid kart racer opinion or not tht has much more to offer thn Mario Kart and imo is way better."

You've missed the whole point of my comment,
Mario Kart is an iconc brand in the racer genre that helps move units for nintendo and if sony did the same with a LBP racer (and it was done right) it would have the exact same outcome, If sony released a LBP Kart Racer and Modnation racer at the same time LBP would sells twice the amount on the brand name alone and at the end of the day its all about getting the biggest return possible.

metsgaming4042d ago

Please have 4 player splitscreen.
Please dont be centered around drifting thats what modnation is for no need to do that again.
Please have good load times.
Last but not least is please have good driving mechanics, make its smooth.

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