UT3 Mods Crashing PS3's even in campaign mode

There are various posts on the official UT3 forums saying that one of the user created mods 'Cooked' by Epic games is crashing PS3's.

People are pointing towards the 'Mutator' mod that was released.

As this is a user mod it is unclear who will look into this problem as if Epic look into the problems they will simply be a free testing arm for PS3 user mods and this task will become impossible once they release their utility for pc users to cook mods themselves.

This mod was obviously cooked for use by Epic so i think they will look into it but it does raise some questions about managing user created mods being used unintentionally/intentionally in virus like ways.

Just like mods on pc do not install multiple ones at a time, test it fully after installing it. At least then you know which mod caused the issue and it can then be removed.

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godofthunder104729d ago

i don't wish that a console will break on any one but the ps3 fans that kept making fun of the people that had a 360 and it did the same thing are getting what they deserve.because when they start making fun and laughing at a person and saying stuff like you get what you deserve for buying a 360 deserve the same thing to happen to them so they know how it feels.

Marceles4729d ago

Crashing ps3s isn't the same as totally breaking down so that you need to send the whole system back. The crash only means you need to restart the game or disable wonder you only have 1 bubble

Winter47th4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

At least it's not RRODing on us so..

Plus, I'm sure they'll patch it soon, we're grateful enough that EPIC is stepping in for cooking those mods before they release the proper requirements to the public for making'em, and mods are better than no mods so there's nowhere to turn this into bad news amigo.

So uh, till then you can buy ten extra maps on your white garbage console for hundreds of $s and let your precious Microsoft suck you dry with their WTF-policies, and we'll just enjoy our infinite free ones till they patch this small glitch to the minority.

mikeslemonade4729d ago

It's obvious that the xflops are creating traps for the PS3 users. Why do xbox fanboys have to be so mean?


this title is misleading, its 1 mod thats causing the system to exit app.

the threads headline is " mods causing crashes".

mods is plural. meaning more than 1.

it appears n4g trolls are uneducated lil kids.

TANOD4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

There is just one MOD that is causing this.

All other MODS are tested and approved by MARK himself

Kleptic4729d ago

there is only 1 mutator available so far...the rest of the content is simply maps...

so its the regeneration mod?...and a lot of people had reported no problems with that...

and as pointed doesn't "crash", as in freeze the system or doing anything just auto exits the game, as in Epic implemented a protocol for unstable which is just tells you to restart the game...kind of sounds like some are a little desperate to make something big out of this...

WilliamRLBaker4729d ago

lol i love all the reply to the one comment, but but but teh 360 HAS rrod!

this isn't about 360;) this is about some thing that microsoft was afraid of....User made mods crashing your system because of glitch or purposeful crashing.

lol we now have more ammo to sling at sony camp.

Winter47th4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

More ammo to sling a camp dear god WTF crawled up your a$$ this morning kid, you need to find your self a new hobby, and probably get out of your basement more often, and stop watching Star Trek |:

fredy4729d ago

the RROD joke is the cure to all sony misfortunes....

UT crashing for whatever reason, at least it's not RRoding on us....

so typical...

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TANOD4729d ago

There is just one user created MOD which is doing this.



Snukadaman4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

This makes microsoft look pretty smart now...I wouldnt mess with those user created mods got too think theres one jerk in the lot that wants too ruin ps3s...would be like the first person too create the first mod, someone wants too get credit too create the first virus.

you honestly think ms had something to do with hacking the blu-ray website?? they would risk jail time too make sony look bad are officially a jackass...congrats with that conspiracy theory.

TANOD4729d ago

that MOD could also be made by an XBOT

MS can stoop to real low. We seen their VIRAL MARKETING /hacking of Blu-Ray's official website

TANOD4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

sorry double post

PEOPLE complain to the MOD about this story/user

REPORT the user and the stoy PLEASE

mistertwoturbo4729d ago

No idiots. UT3 has been crashing PS3's even before the mods. It's obvious seeing as how the game was basically pressure and rushed to come out by the end of this year. So all the bugs are still roaming somewhere in there. It's unacceptable at the same time, they were under pressure in making the game come out.

TANOD4729d ago

I have been playing my UT3 on PS3 for continuous 16 hours without problems

my PSN id is :- wasim007

There is only 1 USER CREATED MOD which is doing this and it is also made BY AN XTARD like you whose console has died probably minutes after purchase

Snukadaman4729d ago

thats what you get for trying too be objective ...your now a xtard...welcome.

onyxbox4729d ago

scaremongering & someone trying to spread F.U.D

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