Sony Forgets Convenience With PSOne Games On PSP

Tim Beringer of Blend Games writes: "The December 18 firmware update 2.10 for the PS3 was announced to do some wonderful things. Among the new features were picture in picture view for Blu-Ray discs, a voice changer for voice and picture chat and more video file compatibility. The PSP's 3.80 update was announced to enable a very welcome Internet radio functionality. What they had forgotten to mention in either update was remote play of any PSOne game.

It's great that it's possible to play any PSOne game on your PSP now. In fact, back before I decided that the PSP was comparable to a lifetime membership to the Natural Museum of Dildos – Novel to have, but utterly pointless – I really wanted to play some of my old PSP games on it because it has the strength to do it. However, I can't justify playing anything on Remote Play."

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DarkSniper4728d ago

Once again, Sony Computer Entertainment provides the customer service and entertainment value to the maximum. Sony ensures that you:THE CUSTOMER are rewarded with significant incentives upon purchasing all Playstation platforms. Something that can only be thought of as a mere dream on the Green Dumpster Juice system on the other end.


Bnet3434728d ago

But I love green dumpster juice. :(

ReBurn4728d ago

Yep. Except most PS1 games are utterly unplayable due to the lack of L2 and R2 shoulder buttons. Go Sony, give the players most of a really cool feature!

rofldings4728d ago

There are ways to use the L2/R2 buttons.

Azures4728d ago

Their is no hope for this site. And by this site i mean N4G, this place is cancer.

Biphter4728d ago

Sure its not perfect, but why gripe on something thats effectively not advertised, but at least provides an interesting addition to the ever expanding features of remote play?

There are still a LOT of PS1 games out there that work fine with single shoulder buttons and only one analogue controller.

I think its a great feature, and in honesty this guy seems to be talking like a hater. He didn't say exacly why Remote play is ineffective, it mught be because hes not got a fast enough internet connection to do it justice (you need at least 2Mbit down and 1Mbit up at either side to play it smooth at full detail). My experience from work to home was great, as it is with Video and Audio too. My PSP sits in a speaker stand at work and streams music from my whole Audio collection stored on PS3 with no quality problems. Its as if they are playing from my Mem stick.

Remote play is great!

Anyway, my 2 pence worth.

gEnKiE4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago ) is this? You call this news?

EDIT: Your guy's M$ clan is getting pretty stupid when you grab something stupid like this and pass it on as news. The remote play feature is awesome and I don't know who would agree with this stupid article...

titntin4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

What an utterly pathetic article!

The guys complaint about a feature that even Sony didn't bother making a big deal off, is that he has to leave his PS3 on at home in order to acess the game when he's out. But this isn't true.

He obvioiusly didn't realise that the last firmware update on PS3 gave you the option to power on/off your PS3 remotely. At the time, I remember a whole slew of people moaning about why would they need this feature. Well here's one very good reason, and with this ability, the option to play any PSX game remotely on your PSP, becomea nice feature that many will use.

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The story is too old to be commented.