Xbox 720 Reveal, Halo 4 & Kinect – Microsoft X12 Rumours Round Up

Xbox 720 rumours continue to spread, but will the console and games like Halo 4 make an appearance at Microsoft’s X12 conference? NowGamer weighs up the rumours to find out more.

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aviator1893532d ago

Seeing as how frankie and ms haven't denied halo 4's possible showing at x12, I'm pretty excited.

Though I don't think the next-gen xbox will make an appearance there.

GodKing13373532d ago

They may show a bit of game play or give some more news, but the beta will be handed out on E3...

tmoss7263532d ago

Halo 4 will definitely be there. Also I don't think Microsoft would make an Xbox tablet while building Windows 8 for tablets. That wouldn't make sense.

PandemicPrawn03532d ago

looking forward to seeing some Halo 4.
Kinect Star Wars will be there without question.
What's that XBLA game? Darklight or something?
I really want to know more about Fable: The Journey.

Oh. And it would be great to know if Twisted Pixel is working on anything?

But this event was a nothing last year, So im not expecting much.

nchizimbi3532d ago

With Halo 4 release in the fall of 2012, am sure Microsoft will show-off the game at X12,... this is the right time for 343i to unveil IT to get the momentum going and building. Waiting for the unveiling to happen at E3, I think is a marketing error.

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