No rest for the wicked awesome - Release schedule for Q1 2008

The Boston Phoenix - Mitch Krpata, December 21, 2007

This doesn't seem right. Winter (in North America) is usually the gaming doldrums, a barren stretch populated by budget titles and also-rans that would have been eaten alive during the holiday blitz. Gamers are lucky if they can get their hands on one premium title to last them through those long, cold nights. Not this year. After a historically stacked Christmas season, the gifts will keep on coming through spring.

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lockload4729d ago

Yeh it gets no easier on my bank balance

DarkSniper4729d ago

Sony Computer Entertainment has went above and beyond to ensure that all PLAYSTATION 3® owners will be find their means of entertainment throughout all genres.

With the marketing blitz Sony has provided, consumers worldwide are now becoming more knowledgeable about the PLAYSTATION 3® platform. Another telling fact is that, Microsoft has yet to officially announce any decent exclusives for the year 2008.

Xbots and Microkids are fully aware of what joy Sony will provide to gamers in 2008. As the year gets closer, Dark Sniper has noticed that sites such as XBOXKINGS.COM is being touted as the primary source for PS3 news. This insinuates in Dark Sniper's mind that fear has struck amongst all XBOX owners and with their very consoles impending the Red Rings of Doom, they soon will find themselves in heaven with the PLAYSTATION 3®.


Jinxstar4729d ago

Dude I love the registered trade mark symbols =P Thats hilarious.

DarkSniper4729d ago

Dark Sniper would like to personally give you thanks. Have a bubble on Sniper and continue to inform those at that the little green dumpster juice that couldnt, will soon see their final Red Ring of Death in 2008.


OOG FunK4729d ago

dude yo truly need a really the fear of console owners???are you retarded????did your daddy do drugs er somethin???? ya know sperm a lil f'd up er wha??? Like really why would anyone have fear...we are all gamers that play games.....not like we will die er something when good games come out...o my soul its falling apart cuz sony came out with a good game.....o now MS has a good games o no my soul......

Like really half of you fools sound like huge morons...acting like the systems are life and death and they will effect us.......


Legion4728d ago

I'm not really looking forward to any of these titles too much. Maybe GTA IV, but I have never been a great fan of the series. But I will buy the game.

LarkSnipet is just annoying. This article doesn't show anything that could possibly elude a statement that he made. Weren't almost ALL of the games cross platform???? (minus the Wii bits...ZZZzzzz)

Does all he do is jump onto every article and spout his SPAM on the PS3? Looks like a bad viral add campaign.

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BigKev454729d ago

Get a life, DarkSniper.

Polluted4728d ago

I'm starting to wonder if Sniper and Zhuk aren't the same person. It's probably some guy who doesn't own either console. He just likes to sit in front of his PC and stir up sh!t among X360 and PS3 owners.
He'll log in a Zhuk and shoot off a couple of quick one liners like, "once again the superior hardware of the Xbox 360 is triumphant".
Then he'll log in as Sniper and ramble on about how the PS3 will eventually lead to Sony's total domination of not only the home console market, but of the entire world while all 360's will eventually RROD and be relegated to the trash heap behind a Denny's somewhere.
He must be using a thesaurus because he used the word "insinuate" correctly above, but the overall tone of the writing seems like something a high school student would write. Either a high school student or a much older man who hangs around the high school, leaning on his Chrysler LeBaron, unlit cigarette held loosely between his lips, trying to look cool for all the teeny boppers.

Polluted4728d ago

I hate to get my hopes up for a game that's probably going to be terrible, but I can't help but get excited about Harvey Birdman.
Also Burnout, Haze and GTA, but those ones are less likely to disappoint.

jinn4728d ago

Q1 of 2008 will be huge