Bioware comments on romance elements and possible hi-res pack for Mass Effect 3

Bioware’s Jessica Merizan comments on the romance element as well as the possibility of a high-resolution pack for the PC version of the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

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Bay3523d ago

Hi-res texture pack would just make things better. Hope one does come out.

ChrisW3522d ago

I will be PISSED if we have to pay for it!

BraveToaster3523d ago

High res texture pack for the low low price of $349.99

Draperc3523d ago

Your name and profile pic brings back memories.
On topic: I really hope there is a high res texture pack for the PC version. March 6th can't come soon enough.

BraveToaster3522d ago

Haha, yeah. It's a great movie. I gotta watch it again. I think I still have my VHS tapes somewhere around here...

MrDead3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

They’re only charging £9.99 for each characters hi-res skin.

Edit: The romance element of the game will also charge you real money to take your characters love interest out on a date..... so I hear.

kesvalk3523d ago

you can buy the world texture pack for only $19.99 and it includes textures for the maps except DLC which is sold separately for only $9.99 each...

pandehz3523d ago

Pay extra/month for coloured versions

STONEY43523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Well, we have this statement too...!/mass...

Thing is, same thing was asked before Mass Effect 2 was released, and Chris Priestly's reply said a similar thing. But he considered the textures in the game already hi-res, when they clearly weren't.

All we can really do right now is wait and see.

Ethereal3523d ago

I want to find out how Ashley will react to remaining faithful in ME2...

Human Analog3523d ago

I am not trying to flame here. It is an honest question. Is there a reason they can't release a Hi-Res texture pack for consoles? They have the harddrive space. Is it just a CPU thing? Or something else.

theeg3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

The game as it stands currently runs at 20-30 frames per second on console and still exhibits jaggies and pop-in in a low resolution, so adding anything beyond what is in it would cause further framerate issues.

Consoles are capped out, devs are milking every last bit of juice from them, but I think around the time uncharted 2 came out (october 2009) we saw the limit of what could be achieved this gen on consoles.

rattletop3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

i think i more to do with graphics memory

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