Is selective reporting responsible for videogame vilification?

Journalists bashing videogames and gaming for the sake of sensationalist press is becoming a worrying trend that must be thrilling the world's anti-videogame activists as they look to tie gaming to the behaviour of dangerously imbalanced sociopaths.

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tk4729d ago

Trying to increase hits on the review sites, and attract money from willing companies to buy good reviews. Worrying trend?

Well - if you are in the industry - yes. Other industries had similar issues. All it proves is that the games reporting industry was very very naive to think that they will get away with it, and that they are really very immature and unprofessional with no ethics.

Now the time is coming that they are as an industry going to be learning what those values mean. Time to grow up kids. You had your fun and payoffs. Better get in line now - and hope you don't get sued for loss of income due to payoffs. That can happen. And you will be the on on street.