Cast Your Vote: TeamXbox Reader's Choice Awards 2007

Without a doubt, 2007 was one of the best years ever for blockbuster video-game releases. Be sure to check out TXB's picks for this year's best titles, but right now TXB wants to turn to you to get your opinion - what do you think were the best of the best in 2007? TXB has provided a simple-to-complete form for you to vote in these categories...

• Game of the Year
• FPS of the Year
• Action Game of the Year
• Multiplayer Game of the Year
• RPG of the Year
• Sports Game of the Year
• Racing Game of the Year
• Fighting Game of the Year
• XBLA Game of the Year
• Hardware/Peripheral of the Year
• Sleeper Hit of the Year
• Best Graphics of the Year
• Best Sound of the Year
• Best Visual Style of the Year
• Best Story of the Year
• Music/Rhythm/Party Game of the Year
• Developer of the Year

All you have to do is click your choices and hit the button to submit them. TXB will compile the results and pass them on to you shortly.

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Charlie26884732d ago

Crap I cant vote for some categories yet since Halo 3 and Mass Effect are my Christmas gifts T.T

jinn4730d ago

it was pretty hard making the votes