Bourne, Harry Potter HD DVDs outpacing Blu-ray titles

"DEC. 21 | Fourth-quarter HD DVD releases The Bourne Ultimatum and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are outpacing similarly high-profile Blu-ray titles, according to Universal Studios Home Entertainment and other industry research sources."

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Lord Anubis4729d ago

"according to Universal Studios Home Entertainment and other industry research sources." (amazon)

gEnKiE4729d ago

lol, you beat me to it...

godofthunder104729d ago

br fans that's laughing might not be laughing next year.people that bought the stand alone hd dvd player are starting to pay off for hd dvd and it starting to make up a little ground on br and they will sale a lot more hd dvd stand alone players.
the truth is that neither one of them is making a dent in dvd sales,hell dvd is starting to sell less then they use to and it's not because of the new formats they are added in and even the rentals of dvds are dropping off.
people are starting to rent or buy their movies by some typ of download.they have different companies that offering downloadable moves. people might not like it but the fact is that the same thing is happing to dvds that happened to cds.
i don't care who wins but how can br fans say that br is better then hd dvd when they both play at 1080p.i know that br fans will say that br has more space but that's not true any more because hd dvd will start releasing their movies on 51gb discs.
br use to be the worse out of the 2 because it had less extras and it wasn't able to work with the net like hd dvd can.i know that br fans will say that know one want or watch the exras and it's not true,why is it that a 2 disc version with a whole bunch of extras out sell the single disc of the same movie when they average about $7 to $8 more.if people didn't care about extras like br fans are saying then why is it that sony is releasing a new version of br that will be able to work with the net and have more extras so it could do what hd dvd did since they first released wouldn't do this and have all the br stand alone players that people paid $600 to a $1000 be obsolete in about a year after they bought them because they want be able to play the new br disc and sony admitted this.
the reason that br didn't have all the stuff that hd dvd had when sony released it was because sony rushed it so they could put a br player in the ps3 so they could get them in homes a lot quicker,it was a smart move on sony part but now they are having to upgrade br so it could do the same thing that hd dvd is doing the br fans and even hd dvd fans that say that br or hd dvd has a better picture or just better are just fanboys that's bias and childish to act like they do because they are the same damn thing one isn't better then the other.
people that's fighting over what format will win might be fooled because there's a good chance that they both might lose.if they don't start making a profit about the end of next year and they are in the same place they are in now neither one will win they will lose because neither one can keep loseing money year after year on them.

TANOD4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )


N4G is deterioting fast

SALAVATION is needed

BTW BD is beating HD DVD 2:1 at the moment @ AMAZON ----------AMAZON sales rank

thats right BD is beating HD DVD 2:1 at THE MOMENT on AMAZON


BD 1074.32
HD DVD 2278.88

******* REPORT the USER and the STORY

lawman11084729d ago

When Sony makes a claim........ALMOST......" ;The Sony brand".....Please

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Brian52474729d ago

Just like the HD-DVD guys didnt take down the Blu-Ray site yesterday, right?

TANOD4729d ago

Blu-ray HD DVD

110.1 141.8 top 10

256.52 559.76 top 25

1074.32 2278.88 top 100

TANOD4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

Blu-ray HD DVD

110.1 141.8 top 10

256.52 559.76 top 25

1074.32 2278.88 top 100

TANOD4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )


4729d ago
The Chief of Mjolnir4729d ago

TANOD, you are the perfect example of SPAM right now...

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sonarus4729d ago

lol they are already trying to spin the sales data before it gets out. Common you know at the end of the day blu ray will still outsell by the usual 2:1. Blu ray has more titles people want to watch. Sure i wanna watch bourne but not more than i wanna watch pirates 3 or spiderman for that matter.

Close_Second4729d ago

...and Spiderman 3 were flies on a turd. You don't need blu-ray to watch those piles of stinking rubbish. Mind you, Bourne 3 and Potter 5 don't make me want to rush out and invest in HD-DVD either. I might be interested renting them all if they were available in the same format. Oh but wait, his stupid f**king format war has made sure that won't happen for a while.

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