SBG Review | Twisted Metal: The glorious return of car combat?

After remaining dormant for a few years, Twisted Metal makes its debut on the PS3 and it brings the full force of the late ’90s with it. The original Twisted Metal games combined completely chaotic car combat with a story and presentation that represented that era in video games rather well. With series creator David Jaffe back at the helm, Twisted Metal looks to reclaim that once-staggering level of popularity in a genre that has remained absolutely stagnant for the past five years.

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TheFallenAngel3524d ago

Not everything mentioned about the races is true. Yes they will target you and some will try to ram you off the road but they do try to win. I lost so many times because other cars got there first. Some levels can be frustrating to the point of rage quitting. Overall the game is a gem and deserves to be played.


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