TeamXbox Game of the Year Awards 2007

Some years it's hard to come up with a clear-cut winner, because there aren't games that stand out in a particular category. This year, for almost every award, it's been hard to pick just one to take the crown as the best in that group. The TXB staff fussed and debated, they yelled and slammed things down, they furiously IMed and e-mailed among themselves… and what follows are TXB's selections.

• Best Action Game of the Year -- Crackdown
• Best Shooter of the Year -- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
• Best Role-Playing Game of the Year -- Mass Effect
• Best Sports Game of the Year -- NHL 08
• Best Racing Game of the Year -- Forza Motorsport 2
• Best Fighting Game of the Year -- Virtua Fighter 5
• Best Music/Rhythm/Party Game of the Year -- Rock Band
• Best Multiplayer Game of the Year -- Halo 3
• Best Sleeper Hit of the Year -- Crackdown
• Best Xbox Live Arcade of the Year -- Switchball
• Best Graphics of the Year -- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
• Best Sound of the Year -- BioShock
• Best Visual Style of the Year -- BioShock
• Best Story of the Year -- Mass Effect
• Best Hardware/Peripheral of the Year -- Xbox 360 Elite System
• Developer of the Year -- Infinity Ward
• Game of the Year -- Mass Effect

TXB wants to hear what you have to say about their picks, and also get your selections for what you believe are the best games in each category. Be sure to offer the TXB staff your feedback in the forums, and also fill out the Readers' Choice form with your votes. They'll compile what the TeamXbox community has to say and report the results after the holidays.

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MK_Red4729d ago

Wow AWESOME. Pretty good list and winners. While I disagree with lack of Assassin's Creed and their sports choice which IMO should have been Skate, the rest are pretty good.
They gave the best action game award to Crackdown (And rightfully so) while stupid IGN went with Lost Planet and better, they gave GOTY to Mass Effect.
Either of BioShock and ME could be the ultimate GOTY 2007 and I'm glad that at least TeamXbox got it right and didn't went with Orange Box, Halo 3 or COD4, all great games but behind ME and BioShock. Only COD4 comes close but even that is really not as ground breaking as Mass Effect and BioShock.

Jinxstar4729d ago

I agree except... Maybe its just me but I feel Bioshock should have got graphics... I mean... I dunno. There was one point in the game where you are in the room with all the little sisters you saved and such... I got really close to their faces and stuff to see if I could see any flaws at all and man... It was perfect... COD4 has amazing graphics but. I dunno... Once again though its all opinion... Mostly good choices though I guess...

MK_Red4728d ago

Agreed. BioShock should have won the graphics award. It's a stunner both artisticaly and technically.

lawman11084729d ago

Being a game that has "Getto" graphics for a net gen system....THAT was a game to play over and over again to find new AP's

MK_Red4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

While Crackdown is a great game that many overlooked and was forgotten, I believe that the number 1 forgotten Xbox 360 game of the year should be Overlord which was a really funny and sweet game that sadly most gamers missed.
As for overall forgotten game, I have to go with PSP's Crush, a classic that not only people didn't pay attention to when it was released but also mostly no one seems to remember it.

Fade_Walker4728d ago

Crackdown is a great game, so many snow storms, so many hours with Crackdown...may not be GOTY worty but i would buy a sequal.

its hard to pick GOTY, my choices are Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Bioshock, The Orange Box, Mass Effect, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune *head explodes*

KineticX4726d ago

Mass Effect was a good decision for GOTY, nice call by TeamXbox.
While we had so many good hits this year, it has that little bit extra that makes it my favourite.