IGN: Did the 3G Vita Bundle Swindle Early Adopters?

IGN: Sonys 3G Launch Day bundle pushed numerous IGN Editors into a day-one purchase, but did they read the fine print?

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Mikhail3524d ago

I always read that the term upon activations means that you have to buy the service first...though the bad thing is that the free game is only after the 30 day period.

joeorc3524d ago

to be a doushe for the sake of it. even greg is not hiding it any more.calling themselves the Playstation review team is like who "With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?"

for one the [email protected] terms to get the free game with full psvita + super stardust DLC was told to many places an FAQ on the playstation Blog, before it went on sale.


the 8 GB card came in the package, with 3 free Augmented Reality games for free. Sony could have very well charged for those , but once again you got them for free.


the 3G ver unlike the Wifi only ver Has a dedicated GPS chip inside the PSVita so once again more hardware for higher cost.

than you have these guys really trying to say their being Swindled?

I mean the big complaint was but..but i will need a Blank Memory card to play games, so not a 4 GB but an 8GB comes in the [email protected] box, an still their attitude is just plain being such an @ss


Someone sure hates Ign.....

If THEY don't have the right to be upset, then by YOUR logic YOU have no right to be upset with them.

Cuz yeah... being upset makes you a douche according to you.... So what does that make you? Hmmmmmmmm??

VideoGameJimmy3524d ago

If you listened to Podcast Beyond, IGN's PlayStation podcast, you would have heard Greg Miller say that he knew the terms of the PS Vita/Super Stardust+Free Month bundle, it's just a matter of understanding it.

I think this video was for the consumer more-so because the average person, who bought the 3G Vita, would not know that there was this fine print on some website saying that they would not get the game and the free service until after 30 days.

If I bought the 3G Vita, I'd be "swindled" too simply because I would've have been hooked with the sticker on the box that says "Free month of service and Super Stardust Delta*" and not even have read what the asterisk is about.

MrBeatdown3524d ago

The funny thing is though, the sticker on the box said "free game." Super Stardust was never specified. Even in a PS Blog post, they mentioned the activation charge but not the bonus game.

I don't understand how people could think they were "swindled" by Sony just because it doesn't list what an "activation" entails on the front of the box, yet be perfectly fine with the fact that the game wasn't listed.

To me, it seems like a case of people people paying attention to one thing, or getting their information second hand, and ignoring the rest, and just wanting to blame Sony because it didn't work out like they assumed it would.

VideoGameJimmy3523d ago

@MrBeatdown Hmmmm you are indeed right. My thing is how many people really read the PS Blog? Like I stated before the video was more to clear up with the average consumer who doesn't know that the PS Blog exists. They'd see the sticker and be like "oh free game that's a good deal" without reading the fine print.

That's just how I see it, but you do post a good point.

Marceles3524d ago

The 8gb card is what sold me, the 3g activation was the last of my worries, especially since you don't have to get a recurring plan to activate it.

PixL3524d ago

IGN bashing Sony products is like rain is Scotland.

silvacrest3524d ago

should have just bought the wifi version, problem solved

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