FFXIII Jump Festa Trailer Summary - Carbuncle Appearing?

This years Final Fantasy XIII Jump Festa trailer was shown today (in the Closed Mega Theatre) and is once again an extension of all previous FFXIII trailers featuring new scenes mixed in with old ones. Thanks to FF&KH Blog we have a brief summary of what happens in Final Fantasy XIII's newest trailer. The translation is quite poor so some details may be updated.

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Darkiewonder4729d ago

Summons play a much bigger role in this game. FFXII just didn't do it.

So far, it's Shiva, Ifrit, Carbuncle, and a harp lady. [not saying she's a summon but it's possible] and we know Shiva turns into a Motorbike.

The one I wait is Bahamut and his transformation. This game will be EPIC beyond EPIC!

INehalemEXI4729d ago

Yup, gota see Bahamut. I hope theres like multiple versions of bahamut too. Like a neobahmut and zerobahamut and maybe like a dubahamut :D