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WTG: "Evolution Studios. A fitting name for the developers of the Motorstorm series, which continues to change itself in each iteration. The original Motorstorm placed racers deep in to the desert canyons of Monument Valley. Motorstorm Pacific Rift introduced the new locale of a tropical island with lush jungles, flowing streams, and erupting volcanoes. Motorstorm Arctic Edge included the versatility of racing on each circuit backwards and forwards. Motorstorm Apocalypse took racing to new heights with skyscrapers collapsing around you. Motorstorm RC puts things in a whole new scale – a miniature scale."

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PirateThom3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I highly recommend this... it's one of my favourite games on the system... I had to move the acceleration to "X" though, the stick controls just weren't doing it for me.

Set a new lap time in Motorstorm RC.
Message recieved a while later: Friend has beaten your time.
Load up game and click his name on the pitwall.
Beat his time.
Unlock trophy, send message saying I kicked his ass.

Even without "real time multiplayer", there's something very appealing about beating their lap and having it appear as a PSN message and on Facebook to gloat.

pyramid3524d ago

If you liked the original motorstorm you will be extremely disappointed.This is a clone of micro machines which i didnt like at all.What a disapointment sony that you dont follow up with a new proper motorstorm game to vita!!!

brettyd3524d ago

If you bought this game thinking it was going to be like previous Motorstorm games you're a fool.

pyramid3524d ago

i didnt buy it.Knew it was trash