Crysis Community Update - Patch ETA January 08

"Greetings Community!

Lots of questions from the community regarding Crysis Patches, the SDK and the Linux Dedicated Server have been asked, and we wanted to get all of them answered right before Christmas and right before we have our holiday break.

So let's get started…"

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Charlie26884732d ago

SWEET :D so there is goona be performance improvements :)

richie007bond4732d ago

It needs more than a patch,it needs some major optimizing,its a stunning looking game but brings even the most powerfully PC to its knees,and it riddled with bugs.Had crytek spent a little more time on it would would of been just awesome,so hopefully crytek are busy trying to sort of all the bugs and coding...

The_Dragon4731d ago

I love Crysis but I often get disconnected from the server for some odd reason. Hopefully the patch will fix that.