IGN Game of the Year: Playstation 3

Reading over these awards, is this one even a surprise? Uncharted: Drake's Fortune serves as the culmination of fun gameplay, an immersive story, stunning graphics, superb sound and characters you can connect with. These elements come together for one of the most engaging experiences gamers can find in 2007.

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Im enjoying this game the more i play it........i noticed today theres medals and rewards. Definitiely gonna enjoy getting 100% in UNCHARTED. ITS JUST THAT FUN

shysun4729d ago

Darkkdarkdark......Man, when you beat it hit start and check out the stuff you can do. Fast forward, Slow mo, superslomo, unlimited ammo, new characters, blur filter, Sephira, black and white. Lets call it what it is "Achievements", it's the first PS3 game to get it right. It's a shame not one reviewer, mentioned these things to people. Maybe they didn't know either.

Theres more check it out.

resistance1004730d ago

I really do hope it gets a mention in the overall awards. IMO it really is GOTY 2007, anyone else whos played it will justify for me =D

lawman11084730d ago

Hey, it was a good game BUT a RENT at best. NOT worth $60 bucks at all

El_Colombiano4730d ago

I love that picture of the piled up PS3's...just goes to show how much Sony is dedicated to serving it's customers! They just keep churning out them PS3's to meet the high you just gotta love the dedication that Sony is showing...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4729d ago

As high demand as those PS3 games huh? All two of em.

Aass4729d ago

Your hand writing sucks.

shysun4729d ago

Law, I'm 18 hours into this game. You have no idea what the hell your talking about. Bioshock(may get GOTY) and it's under 10 hours also. Should I just rent that game to?

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jcgamer4730d ago

but the shiny black beast is in wrapping on...

HarryEtTubMan4729d ago

Mine too!! But I didnt get Uncharted yet.. i got UT3 instead... and Warhawk, Resistance and Motorstorm

Sevir044730d ago

Go naughty dog, rachet didn't even make it, poor guys better luck next year insomniac. Naughty dog out shined them in graphics, technology, Story, best orignal score. damn and game of the year for PS3... damn ^^ i haven't even finished it yet and i'm still enjoying it

lil bush4730d ago

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