1UP previews Savage 2 - Beta impressions of this action RPG/RTS sequel

If there's one word 1UP would use to describe Savage: The Battle for Newerth, it would be "ambitious." If there was a second, it would be "flawed." While Savage's strange blend of action-RPG, first-person shooter, and real-time strategy was compelling and unique, it lacked the polish to prove a must-play. The sequel, A Tortured Soul, is a second try at delivering on the original's promise, as developer S2 Games has maintained the same gameplay mechanics while upgrading the visuals.

Recently 1UP got a chance to check in on Savage 2's beta, and if the experience is any indication of the final game's server activity, the new Duel mode will be very popular, as it's close to impossible to catch people playing in any other game type except during a select few peak hours. Duel mode is perfect for when only two or three players are logged on; where a regular game requires at least six people to start, Duel matches can take place with as few as two.

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