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In this handheld generation, we are starting to see handheld ports of games that include more features than their console counterparts.

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Knight_Cid3525d ago

nis japan did this game right. Theres more new content than pretty much every port on vita has combined.

But Its a bad trend like the article writer said, if vita becomes a ps3 port machine with more content. It hurts both paltforms

shadowknight2033525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

that depends. Its cheaper to make and port, and if they did something like that for games like Heavenly Sword or Metal Gear Solid 4 - both which don't support trophies - it would not only bring in sales from having trophies, but bring in sales simply by appealing to gamers who never had the chance to play it all while giving them reason to buy it since its "new" on their new portable system. In addition, while great games like Heavenly Sword will probably never see a sequel on a Console due to its high cost to develop, its not the case with handheld if Heavenly Sword was ported and a sequel initiated into development. Of course it doesn't have to get ported, a recap would suffice I suppose, but I truly wouldn't mind replaying great games on the go.

Knight_Cid3525d ago

cheaper doeasnt move systems. ports dont move systems

shadowknight2033525d ago

@Knight Cid you totally mistook what I said. I'm not talking about ports moving systems, simply it helps give more choice for early adapters such as myself an opportunity to play great games on the go. Sure there could be original great games - but having ports isn't the end of the world if its a port your willing to play and have fun with.

Hicken3525d ago

Pay him no mind. He'd rather take ANYTHING and turn it into a Vita negative. Ironically, he's conveniently forgetting Disgaea 1 and 2 on his beloved PSP. Or Army of Two, BlazBlue(x2), Breath of Fire, FF Tactics, Ghost in the Shell, LBP, Lunar, Mana Khemia, Prince of Persia, Persona(x3), Star Ocean(x2), and plenty of others. (And yes, I just went down an alphabetical list.)

He's simply too eager to find some reason to bash the Vita, and I don't know why.

Ports aren't a problem. In fact, I wish there were more. I'd love to play Legend of Dragoon or more of my PS2 rpg library.

GraveLord3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

PS3 exclusive?