Why Pushmo Revitalized My Faith In The 3ds

Michael Weinberg discusses the game Pushmo as a turning point for Nintendo's fortunes and strategy, in the competitive handheld market.

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Knight_Cid3525d ago

doubt nintendo, get burned. Happens every time. But people either are too stupid or too young to learn


Right.... we should all like the same things.... *facepalm*

The world would be very boring if we all liked the same things.

So, in short, your opinion is just that..... WRONG!!

Knight_Cid3525d ago

you are too young or stupid to understaqnd my point. Way to be off base

ronin4life3525d ago

He didn't say everyone should like Nintendo. He just meant that you shouldn't bet against them, that you shouldn't doubt wether or not they will be successful.


Um.... no.

You have no right calling anyone stupid. How old are you? I ask because I hope you are a kid based on all of those errors you made in your reply. If you are my age or older.....yet another example of the fate of the world in 40 years..

It's quite depressing... :(

webbsod3525d ago

they lost tons of money
hope games like this can help the 3ds system maintain.

Knight_Cid3525d ago

boo hoo, they lost money for 1 year. This year thay are expected to make tons of profit

2EHO3525d ago

Really the fastest sellig console in history need help to maintain..... Ok. Nintendo are pros at this. Watch how many climb back on board after E3.

Venox20083524d ago

Can't wait for E3.. new 3DS games, Wii U games and other console games! when will it be? June or not?