Hideo Kojima x Suda 51 x Chiyomaru Shikura Collaboration Project Starts Now

Andriasang writes, "We've been hearing about a collaborative adventure game involving Metal Gear's Hideo Kojima, Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda 51 and 5pb.'s Chiyomaru Shikura for well over a year now. It looks like the project is finally about to get its proper start."

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Megaman_nerd3525d ago

Can you imagine? Steins;Gate is amazing, I just watched the blu-ray special today and even thought it was just fan-service (I'm not talking about ecchi stuff) man I enjoyed it so much because the series was so good that I just wanted to see the characters interacting with each other again.

That Chiyomaru Shikura really knows how to make an intriguing story and then you add Kojima and Suda to the mix and really, what kind of game can we expect from them?

LX-General-Kaos3524d ago

With those 3 master minds working together on the ultimate gaming experience I expect nothing short of purified greatness. This is the 1st time in my long history that i have seen Kojima crack a smile, the man is finally way from working on metal gear and is truely happy.

Hopefully they please the majority of gamers and allow this special new game to appear on the Nintendo Wii U. With talents such as theirs they will take full advantage of the new updated specs, and innovative new controller. Good luck to those great men and am looking very much forward to what they can achieve.