OP-ED: BioWare Doesn't Deserve Such Hate For Mass Effect 3's Day One DLC

Many fans are upset with news that a $10 DLC pack will be available on launch day.

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FrightfulActions3525d ago

"But I didn't pay for the Collectors Edition because I'm not THAT big of a fannnn - why do you charge me to download content that's otherwise exclusive to them! WE ALL WANT IT FREE EVEN IF CE HAD TO PAY MORE FOR IT ITS SO UNFAIR!"

Am I trolling? No, just predicting what a lot of ignorance comments are going to be based around. People sure love to complain. I preordered CE months, months ago. Why? I knew I wanted the exclusive character and mission. The fact that they make this content downloadable to anyone who didn't buy CE, is a good thing. If I had not purchased CE or couldn't find it in stock, it's very nice to know that I could still get that content as dlc. It'd be different if the CE was offered as the same price as standard. But it wasn't. CE cost 20 dollars more, it's not like we didn't pay for the DLC, they're not giving it to us for free and charging the rest - we just already paid for it in advance because we knew we wanted to extra stuff. If you didn't care about the story enough to order the CE, why would this even bother you.

Let the hate begin. I'm going to go play some ME3 Co-OP- you know, the one that everyone complained about when they first announced it, and cried and whined about how they cancel preorders because of the announcement. Course now that people can actually play it, amazing at how well-perceived it is. Fun, addicting Co-Op in the Mass Effect universe? Gosh, trolls won't like that one.

Kudos to the article, about time someone finally spoke a bit of a sense instead of crying and complaining like some unappreciative entitled snob. Maybe there is hope for the world afterall.

Blacktric3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

"The fact that they make this content downloadable to anyone who didn't buy CE, is a good thing. If I had not purchased CE or couldn't find it in stock, it's very nice to know that I could still get that content as dlc."

No one would've said anything if the DLC was for some unimportant shallow character or a weapon skin. But it comes with a Prothean squadmate for God's sake.

"It's not like we didn't pay for the DLC."

Seriously? This is your excuse to call others as "entitled" and "snobby"? CE comes with soundtrack and the artbook both of which should cost around 20 dollars alone. Not to mention all the other DLC's and the Lithograph you get. And don't get me started on that "being entitled" crap and go back to being another white knight on Bioware forums. Thanks to ignorants like you, people who actually care about this kind of stuff will get more and more screwed in the future.

sjaakiejj3524d ago

A squadmate who was originally designed and intended to be an exclusive treat for the people who bought CE.

The fact that you can now get it without should be enough for you already, if you are a real fan that is. If anything, it's the CE people that should be complaining.

Blacktric3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Still ignoring the whole point. If Bioware really designed that DLC, a DLC that contains a character who's a member of a species that's been extinct for 50.000 years and has a very important place in the Mass Effect lore, to be Collector's Edition exclusive, then it's worse than what they're doing now. You can't restrict an important piece of character to the people who've paid just 20 dollars more and bought the CE which was made in extremely limited quantities and didn't get sold in most stores then expect standard edition owners to shut their mouths and be happy with what they got. That's just dividing the fanbase for no reason. And then releasing that DLC on day 1 like they're doing us a big favor doesn't make things any better. If a character like James Vega or Diana Allers is in the game, then a Prothean squadmate MUST be in it. There's no excuse. They could've made it a day 1 DLC that comes with the online pass like Zaeed: Price Of Revenge. But they didn't. And you're still acting more self entitled than most people who just want that piece of content to be free to the SE purchasers. Granted, you've paid 20 dollars more and bought the CE but you're already getting more than 25 dollars worth of content BESIDES the DLC. The soundtrack, artbook, N7 Patch, the exclusive Lithograph (which alone costs 10-15 dollars) and two DLC's (the robotic dog and alternate costumes). With what you're getting, you have no right to proclaim yourself to be the "ONLY ONE" who should be entitled with that kind of DLC. While SE owners, who either didn't have the money or just couldn't buy the CE simply because they couldn't find it at the stores they shop at or just didn't want to pay more than 120 dollars to some random guy on eBay, are in fact entitled to get an important piece of content for free just like the CE owners instead of paying 10 dollars on day1. Everyone who purchases the game should get that DLC. Not because they deserve everything else in the whole world because they've paid 60 dollars. But because the content in question has a character that's one way or another, central to the Mass Effect lore more than most of the characters in the retail game.

Edit: @below

I know that the DLC will be available on day 1 for 10 dollars. And trying to justify the fact that Bioware made an important character a day 1/CE DLC is just unpleasant. I'm still getting the game and I will get the DLC eventually. But that doesn't mean I'll suck it up and just shut my mouth without voicing my opinion. Honestly, I don't even think, at this point, Bioware will change it and make it an online pass DLC. But I just still like to express what I truly feel about the situation.

exsturminator013524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Not sure what you're arguing here Blacktric. Is it okay for DLC to be unimportant and shallow? Don't we hate that just as much (horse armor anyone)?

They made the DLC character a Prothean because they knew people would want it. That's the point, to market something people want. Were Kasumi or Zaeed critical to the story? No, and people didn't clamor to buy them. If this DLC character were a human archaeologist who had touched a beacon and knew the entire history of the Reapers and the Prothean race (i.e. knew everything the Prothean could be telling us), no one would want it. Thus, they made the character a Prothean. His role in the story is no different, he's still supposed to be extraneous to the core plot. We won't know if he actually IS extraneous until release obviously, but there's no point getting fired up that they're cutting material from the main story because we won't know that until March either.

Bioware marketing won; there's no point being sore about it. Suck it up and pay extra for extra content you want, or save money and play the core game and forget there's a Prothean somewhere out there. Getting mad at the developer for trying to sell you something you want is just silly, especially when there's no way to argue that they're holding back on the main product.

EDIT: Also, its not Collector's Edition Exclusive. It's included with the CE, but it'll also be available day one for purchase for $10. They say that somewhere, I don't have the source. There you go, save $10 by buying DLC and core edition! =)

omi25p3524d ago

So basically you think bioware are right to advertise something as exclusive then after everyone has preordered it come out and say that it isnt.

exsturminator013523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

@omi25p I never saw them saying anything was exclusive to the Collector's Ed. I would ask you for a link to the video/page, but you're out of comments, so does anyone else know of an article where they said "From Ashes is exclusive to the CE"?

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beastlysensation3525d ago

co op was fun to you? so a franchise that doesnt need mp but they want COD numbers and here you are supporting this. Good for you man. Good for you. Day 1 pirate for me.

m233524d ago

C0-op is tons of fun, it provides a challenge even when you have 3 of your friends playing with you.

Congratulations, you are a pirate, feel proud of yourself.

Baka-akaB3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

you clearly dont get some of the complaints .

DLC are no surprise , but to ship off a rather important part of the gam's mythos is ludicrous , even if ultimately most of us will cave .

Collector or not , you'd facepalm too if told about yoda as star wars game were they are so important to the franchise .

For 2 games we've heard about the legends of the Protean , we even had an entire foe species as the main antagonist being hinted as corrupted proteans , and now suddenly some mint protean survivor pops in , but "it's not a big deal it's just a dlc char" .

I'm still there day one for the game , but that's some incredible and hardly defendable BS man .

MrBeatdown3525d ago

I agree that they shouldn't be omitting something as huge as discovering a living Prothean, but how do we know that the main game doesn't already include the discovery of a lost colony of Protheans or something?

The DLC could be a side story that just adds more to an existing plot point. It seems like Bioware would need to use the main game to explain why characters aren't having their minds blown when they see Shepard is being followed around by a living, breathing Prothean.

Baka-akaB3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

obviously i meant yoda as dlc earlier

exsturminator013524d ago

Wouldn't everyone complain if the DLC was frivolous? Horse-armor, companion skins, etc? It IS just a DLC character, and if the story is complete without it, its NOT a big deal. See, a big deal would be if the final mission against the Reapers was day-one DLC, or if important plot points were cut out for DLC. Is a Prothean important within the world of Mass Effect? Of course! But you're arguing that it's important to the story, which you (or I) can't actually say because we don't know the plot. We don't know the Prothean's role, how it affects the story, or anything.

As an example, how critical to the story was Kasumi or Zaeed? "Oh, but they were human, they weren't important in the grand scheme of things, etc." You're right, and they seemed like a waste of DLC to me (no offense intended, I still bought them, lol). "Protheans are important, they're critical to the crisis, they're..." It's still just a video game character. The developers have said the story is complete without him. He's just there if you want to pay a little extra to delve a little deeper. If the character were a human, but had all the same knowledge and insights into history (say, a renowned archaeologist), no one would care. Thus, Bioware made a Prothean, and now everyone MUST HAVE THE DLC!

Arguing that you're being cheated is pointless, you just want something and don't want to have to pay for it. We're all used to seeing DLC and saying, "meh, I don't need it." Well, now they made you feel like you need it. Don't be a sore loser; admit marketing won and cave and buy it or don't. =)

pandehz3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Bioware are good developers but there are some ppl who support them and EA in everything.

Right now they are just taking advantage of our appreciation and love for the series. Because we love Mass EFfect so much that ppl are retaliating when story content is being chopped. Its sad that they feel ppl will buy the content regardless, coz they know many ppl love it.

Atleast with SWTOR Collectors edition they did not cut story bits or made a character exclusive. Characters are too huge to be cut out separately. They can easily offer so many other things for a CE but story and something as big as the character involved (wont mention any spoiler's here) its unfair.

But then again, they got us hooked and we as gamers get to decide what we want and how we want it, it should not be the other way around. They may provide the bait but we get to choose if we take it or not.

Btw I completely agree with Baka-akaB.

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Capt-FuzzyPants3525d ago

Why not? Every other company does. I think DLC should only start being made after the final copy of the game is done and it should come out a little while after the release. I really hate two things this gen DLC and Preorder bonuses.

MrBeatdown3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

That explanation does make sense.

And really, I can't say I haven't gotten my money's worth from the series. At the end of the day, as much as it might suck to not have access to the content, the quality and amount of content already in the games is a pretty good value.

If the game was short on content, I'd be a little less forgiving. But it would be naive to go around thinking every last developer was out to screw us.

beastlysensation3525d ago

and this is exactly the attitude that developers see and they will continue with this milking no matter what. Am starting to think there is a reason why PC games dont get DLC, because we're not as stupid as console people willing to get milked and buy everything there is, so developers would lose money on pc dlc.

MrBeatdown3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Sorry if I pay more attention to what I'm getting, rather than crying about what I'm not.

If a developer thinks they can milk me, they are wrong. I simply won't buy the game if I don't feel the content offered is worth my money. I'm pretty sure Mass Effect 3 will be well worth the price.

exsturminator013524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

@MrBeatDown: Well said!

@beastlysensation: er, what PC games do you play? You realize expansion packs are essentially big DLC released later in life, right? Most of my PC games have DLC or expansion packs available. As for "milking" on the PC, a few quick examples: Blizzard's line of World of Warcraft products, and the splitting of Starcraft 2 into THREE FULL PRICED TITLES (still angry about that one); Bethesda's Oblivion Horse Armor; Bioware Store (yeah, ALL that dlc is on PC too amigo); the absolute MULTITUDE of Civilization V scenario packs on Steam; and of course Call of Duty, Battlefield, and etc other shooters' map packs (again, ALL available on PC).
Seriously though, if you get your money's worth out of something and are content, why should you be mad there's more to buy? How is it excessive to make more content for something you already own? If you ask me, milking is more evident in unnecessary sequels, frivolous DLC, and subscription fees (all things happening on PC too btw, b/c some of us ARE "as stupid as other gamers").

EDIT: Also beastly, having just noticed your "day one pirate" comment further up the tree, I just want you to stop and think for a second. Is PC not getting DLC because you're "smarter" and don't buy it...or is it because of the all "smart" little PC pirates stealing from them? Hmmm, it makes you wonder...

green3524d ago

"Sorry if I pay more attention to what I'm getting, rather than crying about what I'm not. "

That MrBeatdown that is the quote of the day. You are spot on. ME3 is packed with content. Graphics, gameplay, story, replayability and now multiplayer makes this a must have for me.

Its already has way more value than 90% of other games out there.

m233524d ago

I really can't agree with you more. People fail to appreciate games for what they are anymore. They are there to provide us some time of fun and enjoyment. But now they just want to focus on what they think the game should be like and ignore what the developers put into it. There is tons of value in a game like Mass Effect and yet people ignore it. Bioware is one of favourite developers, from KOTOR, to Jade Empire, to Mass Effect, they have proven that they know what fans want........great games.

beastlysensation3525d ago

well, it certainly doesnt deserve any praise. However, they take it a step further than any other company. Taking part of the game to sell it as dlc on day 0 before it even comes out is just a slap to the face just to milk everyone.

OmegaSaiyanX3525d ago

The game is £40 new in the UK for the regular edition so am guessing the content will be 1200msp which is around £10 so thats £50 in total. However the CE is £69.99!! So £20 more gets you some bits and pieces.

Although I dont agree with the CE pricing for the UK its the last in the trilogy so im just gonna get the CE anyway.

But its not much of a CE if you can buy the content for less than what the CE costs >.<

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