Capcom: 'ain't no difference' between Devil May Cry 4 versions

Well, the corporate answer is "You should buy both and give one to a friend. Perhaps a third to put under your pillow" The actual answer for concerned gamers with both systems is "Either or, makes no difference."

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PStriple7034782d ago

now shut up fanboys! -goes to play ut3-

crazy250004782d ago

see u on there PSN crazy25000

bababrooks4782d ago

you are kidding me! right?

power of Green 4782d ago

They're almost correct theres "almost no difference" untill some one carfully points out the fact there is a difference. we already seen the video and even pics of the games from site members. lol

They're not exactly the same just stop looking for fud this would hurt! Capcom if they said anything other than whats being said in this new post by rabid Sony fanboys . lol

The Killer4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

they will find one missing pixel that no one else could find or a washed out color because of the game settings and they will claim the other version is better, maybe u know the game better right? so tell me which techniques they used for the graphics?

Mikey_Gee4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

I am a 360 fan, but for real dude, give it a rest. You fall in the same category as the PS3 die hard fanboys. You just live in a different camp.

YOU ARE what you blame them for being.

Huge difference between a "FAN" and a "FANBOY"

Panthers4781d ago

Wow only a fanboy would say there was a difference. Only a fanboy would give a sh!t. Get a life.

power of Green 4782d ago

Who gives a fuc what Capcom claims their words mean nothing when my god dam eyes are telling me different.

macalatus4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

Yeah...when your "god dam eyes" are high on somethin'...

Now that said, I hope you don't drive while you're at it.

richie007bond4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

I have to agree with you,the 360 does look slighty better,i noticed the water effects on the 360 seem more sharper and clearer,the ps3 water seems more blurred for some reason.Time and time again mutli platform games look better on the 360 and at the end of the day what cant speak cant lie the 360 shines...

Zhuk4782d ago

there is a difference

The Xbox 360 is more powerful and games are proven to look clearer, cleaner and crisper on the Xbox 360 than PS3, which suffers from many problems including framerate issues and washed out graphics

I know which version I will be picking up

resistance1004782d ago

360 version maybe since the fact you don't own a ps3 :rollseyes:

anyone else notice you go through a period where no trolls post here, then they all come at once

power of Green 4782d ago

What I call a troll: a person that will personally attack members due to thier fanatical rage hate & fanboyism on a level not healthy then wanting everybody to know about it visiting every thread thats on the other side of the fence to spite sometimes not even mentioning gaming let alone the toppic.

You're not going to convince anybody that have opinions

rofldings4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

power of Green: I love how you only call out "Sony fanboys" in their personal attacks, etc.

I never see you commenting against a "Microsoft fanboy"

@Zhuk, why are you getting this game at all? You said it yourself, you've never owned any Sony console, so how have you played DMC 1-3?

DJ4782d ago

pointed out that the PS3 version looked crisper and controlled better, so...I guess there is a difference?

digger184782d ago

Zhuk, you need to do your homework before you keep saying the 360 is the only true next gen console and is more powerful.

Only the PS3 is true next gen, next gen consoles don't have last gens DVD drives and last gens CPU. Yes the GPU is more powerful than the PS3's, but when you off load some of the graphics to the SPU's, it makes the PS3 much more powerful in the graphics department, more and more game devs are saying now.

Now please STFU, you don't and never will know what you are talking about

PS. BTW I own 4, yes 4 Xbox 360's, a PS3 and a Wii. So you can say I'm more biased towards the 360.

macalatus4782d ago


Watch out, dude!! theMart's army will now accuse you of spreading pro-Sony propaganda.

bababrooks4782d ago

i love games, i get zhuk. shame the 90% of so called gamers do not get it! got the sony ,nintendo and ms,most of the sony fans suk on this site!

Xanatos4781d ago

Its very curious how you have 12 agrees and also how you have 12 users tracking you... no wonder you still have bubbles, xbots unite!

TheXgamerLive4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

They bring up that 1up show and LOL, that was comparing a current ps3 version to an Xbox 360 version that was months behind, months ago, so ergo no comparison to be made, also anyone w/a clear unbiased eye could see the Xbox 360 version is better and doesn't have the jaggies that the ps3 has throughout.

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power of Green 4782d ago

Its just an opinion from a blog member we don't know if Capcom even said what this dude said or when. It doesn't matter this is the same video with the same proof of the 360 being ahead anyways.

harpua4782d ago

honestly, you spend all this time and energy trying to convince yourself the 360 is better. i mean, they are just gaming consoles. isn't there a little voice inside your head telling you how lame this is, cause if not, there should be.

Zhuk4782d ago

Power of Green you are right my friend it is just merely opinion right now from a blog, we both have seen the video which shows the 360 being the superior version so we know what is true

romemac74782d ago

both powerofgreen and zhuk seen to be advertiser of the 360. its funny how both of you and your 360bot buddy seem to always be in the ps3 news comment.

grow up already dude and stop acting so damm immature, no one in the ps3 news area side give a sh1T about the 360 or you. also powerofgreen stop your carp about personally attack bro, how old are you 6 wtf. you act like your the n4g cop with all you carp bro, hey you can't say that or personally this just STFU!!!

its funny how you only seem to call out ps3fan personally attack but never 360bot attack? bias much? you and your 360bot are always attack ps3fan so stop your BS bro and grow the [email protected] up.

Mikey_Gee4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

Actually dude, it is posted in both since the game is for BOTH consoles. So they are not trolling the PS3 section of N4G, a link to the same ares is in BOTH the PS3 and 360 sections.

Look right under the TITLE of the article:
Published: 20 hours ago | Article | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360

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