Risen 2: Dark Waters hands-on preview (OXM)

In these days of play-it-safe sequels, it’s unusual for a game series to shift gears — or in this case, adjust sails — so drastically from one entry to the next. But in moving from a more generic high-fantasy setting to the salty waters of the open seas, Risen 2: Dark Waters is garnering a lot more of our interest than its flawed predecessor ever did.

The ship-in-a-bottle summary of Risen 2 goes something like this: it’s Pirates of the Caribbean meets Fable meets Skyrim, with early results that are intriguing to say the least. We played approximately one hour of the 40-plus-hour role-playing swashbuckler, and we’re already hungry to resume our foul-mouthed, British-accented pirate careers.

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