Great Game PCs for Holiday High Rollers

Matt Peckham of PC writes, "They're posh, they're profligate, they're the playboys of desktop computing, ready to eat CPU-throttling games like Crysis and Gears of War for breakfast."

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BloodySinner4729d ago

Will PC gaming ever be affordable? Not at this rate.

xplosneer4729d ago

Not if people keep buying premade. I'm getting a new one for Birthday, and Dual Core 2.66Mhz, Motherboard, 8600 Nvidia, and 2GB's of RAM is going to cost total(don't need a case, do need powersupply) around $750. trying to spam). It's a good thing my father works with this stuff....

Noodlecup4728d ago

PC gaming is easily affordable, even more so than console gaming when you consider the ridiculous prices you have to pay for console games, peripherals and online "services" like xbox live.

The more people like you who just listen to the media without investigating the cost of a PC yourself, the more this silly rumour will be spread around. My PC runs crysis and it costs just over $700

pacman6154728d ago

thats why you get a ps3 and skip the online fees, and secondly 10$ more for a game that is hd isn't bad , and i bet your rig does run crysis , just not that great on high everything, and third pc gaming is pratically dead, get a ps3 better games than crysis

BigKev454728d ago

Naw, PC gaming sucks, just admit it.